iPhone iOS glitch causes system crash with specific text message

Dec 19 2017, 11:23 pm

A bug in the iPhone iOS has been discovered that lets one crash another’s iPhone by sending a specific text message.

A multi-lined text message that includes Arabic, Chinese and Marathi script must be sent to a phone that does not have the message app open, and has text banner display activated.

But clearly, there’s no need to worry. Because unless for some mysterious reason you accidentally replicate that exact message when you’re talking to a friend, the glitch won’t be an issue to you.

The issue first came to sight on Reddit, where multiple users reported that they have experienced their phones crash by receiving that message from a range of platforms, from WhatsApp to Twitter.

While some users say that they’ve lost the ability to check messages as a result of the glitch, others don’t seem to be harmed, and are using the text message as a great source for pranks.

[youtube id=”kcifpTa7E1g”]

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