Introducing Sex in Vancity

Dec 19 2017, 3:13 pm

Sex can complicate relationships. It can confuse us, scare us, embarrass us and surprise us. Far past the years of Sexual Education, it’s clear that, besides a Google search, there is no comment and concern box awaiting our most intimate and perhaps blush provoking questions. None of us were trained on how to act during sex, dates, relationships and all other things that result in material for great comedy, romance and porn films. In other words, we are often lost in a world of awkward first dates, unexplained forgotten call-backs, un-replied texts, unfamiliar sexual acts, miscommunication and strange female and male behaviors that need some serious decoding. How can we possibly find answers when our friends fear hurting our feelings or egos? How can men ever understand the female race when there is no female to thoroughly explain it? This is where we introduce Sex in Vancity.

My years spent living out relationships; my past dates consisting of awkward conversation; previous nights slept in beds other than my own and the mornings where I made my escape, were all experiences out in the field – moments used to analyze the opposite sex, common female reactions and why sex and relationships cause such confusion and distress.

Vancity Buzz understands the need for an honest and upfront opinion, which is why we have decided to offer you just that. I am here to dig, locate the professionals and experts and find you the answers to your questions and concerns. I am not here to sugarcoat anything. I am here to offer you honest advice, analyze your current situations and hopefully offer clarity to those who need it.

With hands on experience and thorough research in regards to: online dating and online dating profiles, pickups and initial meetings, short and long-term relationships, the fear of rejection and boosting self-confidence, the female perspective vs male perspective, single tendencies in Vancouver and certain areas with respect to sexual health, I am here to advise readers with our new column Sex in Vancity.

Questions can be submitted via email to [email protected], subject: Sex in Vancity. All submissions are anonymous and will be reviewed prior to the date of publishing.

Your friends are scared they might hurt your feelings, the thought of going to your parents for sex or relationship advice is beyond awkward and perhaps Google is too general. Have no fear, Sex in Vancity is here.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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