Canadian among crew paying $55M each to visit International Space Station

Jan 27 2021, 6:28 pm

Montreal investor¬†Mark Pathy is among humankind’s first-ever private mission to the International Space Station, scheduled for flight next January.

As Canada continues to discourage non-essential travel, interstellar journeys seem to be fine, assuming you have over $55 million to travel.

The four-person crew (officially called Ax-1 Crew) includes former NASA astronaut Michael López-Alegría as commander, and the three customers: Pathy, American entrepreneur Larry Connor, and Israeli investor Eytan Stibbe.

The cost for all three passengers costs a smooth $55 million (US$70 million) and includes an eight-day stay at the ISS where customers will participate in “research and philanthropic projects,” according to¬†Axiom Space’s press release.

If you can scratch up enough dough, the flight to space takes off in January 2022.

López-Alegría, who flew to space four times over a 20-year span, will become the first person to ever command both a civil and commercial human spaceflight mission.

Pathy, who is the¬†CEO and Chairman of Montreal-based¬†MAVRIK Corporation,¬†would become the 11th Canadian astronaut to visit outer space. The Montrealer is collaborating with the Canadian Space Agency and the Montreal Children’s Hospital, “who are helping identify health-related research projects that could be undertaken during the mission.”

All of the private astronauts were required to pass a medical test and engaged in 15 weeks of training.

“We sought to put together a crew for this historic mission that had demonstrated a lifelong commitment to improving the lives of the people on Earth, and I’m glad to say we’ve done that with this group,” Axiom Space President & CEO¬†Michael Suffredini¬†said. “This is just the first of several Axiom Space crews whose private missions to the International Space Station will truly inaugurate an expansive future for humans in space ¬≠‚Äď and make a meaningful difference in the world when they return home.”

Axiom Space (From Left to Right: Michael López-Alegría, Mark Pathy, Larry Connor and Eytan Stibbe)

Axiom plans to launch its own live-in quarters on the ISS, beginning in 2024. The section would be detachable from the station and become its own private outpost.

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