5 ways to unleash your Instagram potential with the new Postlytics App

Dec 20 2017, 3:54 am

Postlytics App is Vancouver’s latest analytics tool that’s letting Instagram users unleash their full potential. Perfect for the budding entrepreneur, companies, and anyone promoting their personal brand, this user-friendly app helps you to track your success.

Here are five ways Postlytics App can help increase your Instagram success:

1. Track your top three followers

Top 3 followers

Postlytics tracks your top three followers, providing you with multiple advantages:

  • Find out who you appeal to and how you can leverage their own potential
  • Rank the popularity of your followers to see who’s worth your time
  • Target your active followers and ditch ghostwriters to help save you time
  • You can search your followers list to see when your follower last liked a photo and how many

2. See your most popular posts

If you’re promoting a business then the chances are that you have a slew of photos available to your followers. Postlytics ranks your posts using multiple key factors, helping you to understand what makes your photos successful so that you know what to post in the future.

3. Know which hashtags to use


It’s easy to get carried away with hashtags, but the Postlytics App lets you know which ones will actually help you to gain more followers. The app will also track your most effective hashtags so that you know how to maximize your likes and followers in future posts.

4. Work offline

A successful Instagram profile requires dedication and time to cultivate. The Postlytics App makes life a little easier by letting you work wherever you go with its offline mode. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who’s juggling multiple tasks.

5. Stay organized

This app organizes what can otherwise be an overwhelming online sea of photos. As well as viewing all the posts liked by a specific follower, you can also see who’s tagging pictures with a particular hashtag, allowing you to garner attention from your chosen demographic. Discover your worst followers with a list of those who aren’t liking any of your photos, eliminating them with a convenient unfollow button. Last but not least, use the added search function that lets you track a specific follower to see which of your posts they’ve liked and how many.

Don’t forget to download the Postlytics App from the iOS App Store and put yourself on the fast track for Instagram success.



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