Insignia Air Fryer recall: How to get $75 from Best Buy without a receipt

Apr 25 2022, 8:02 pm

Last week, Health Canada announced that around 138,570 Insignia Air Fryer models have been recalled nationwide due to potential burn and fire hazards.

The list includes six models of the Best Buy-operated brand’s air fryers and air fryer ovens sold between November 2018 and February 2022.

On March 25, Best Buy reported that it had identified 36 reports of incidents and one report of an injury due to the air fryers in Canada. In the US, 68 incidents and an injury were reported.

Best Buy published a statement asking people who have any of the listed air fryer models to stop using them immediately. It also published a guide letting affected customers know what to do next, along with a registration portal to facilitate the return.

The instructions read as follows:

After you register, a shipping box, pre-paid return shipping label, and return instructions will be sent to you. After you return the air fryer or air fryer oven using the provided pre-paid packaging and the unit has been verified as one of the recalled models, an electronic gift card will be issued to you. The amount of the electronic gift card will be the greater of the price paid on your purchase receipt or the average sales price in the country of purchase ($50 USD for units purchased in the US and $75 CAD for units purchased in Canada).

Given that every Insignia Air Fryer fryer model recalled is priced over $75, Daily Hive reached out to Best Buy to get clarity on how exactly customers will be compensated fairly.

In an emailed statement, a Best Buy spokesperson told us that most customers will receive either a Recall Letter in the mail or an email to alert them of the voluntary product recall.

Affected customers can register their product(s) here, after which they’ll be sent a prepaid return label, a shipping box, and further return-related instructions. After Best Buy receives the product and verifies it as eligible for the recall, they’ll issue an electronic gift card to the customer.

If you are able to present a receipt, the amount on the gift card will be the full amount you paid when you made the purchase.

What to do if you don’t have a receipt

On the recall page, Best Buy states the following:

If you ordered online, you should search your email account for the order email and print the email to return to Best Buy with the product.  If you no longer have a store receipt or order email, but you used a My Best Buy account when you purchased the product (either online or in-store), you can log in to your account, search for the product, and find the price you paid.  You should print that page and return it to Best Buy in the package with the product. 

But what happens if you didn’t order online, didn’t use a My Best Buy account, and don’t have your receipt?
We asked Best Buy what the policy on such a return was, since any and all Insignia products are inherently bought from Best Buy, Insignia’s parent company, regardless of whether you have a receipt.
Well, there’s good news and bad news.
The good news is that in the case of a missing receipt, affected customers can get compensated for their faulty fryers. They will still be able to register, get a prepaid return label and a shipping box, and go through all the aforementioned steps.
Now for the bad news: You’ll only be able to get $75 regardless of whether you paid more for the item when you purchased it.
“You will have the option of a $75 Gift Card without a receipt or an Electronic Gift Card equaling the purchase amount on their receipt if it is more than $75,” Best Buy told us.
Here’s a list of all the models that have been recalled:

Check the bottom of your Insignia Air Fryer to locate the model number.

Insignia Air Fryer

Best Buy

If it matches, it’s time to send that baby back and use your regular oven or a frying pan until you can get a new air fryer.

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