Injured underdressed hiker rescued at Mount Seymour

Dec 19 2017, 8:45 pm

North Shore Rescue has issued a public warning after it performed a difficult rescue on Mount Seymour yesterday.

According to officials, a hiker on a trail that led to Dog Mountain slipped on ice and sustained a serious lower-leg injury. The hiker was also underdressed for the freezing temperatures that prevailed at the mountain, which made the situation much more worst.

The rescue was undertaken by deploying rescuers from both the air and ground. The ground team arrived at the scene quickly with a emergency physician, extra clothes and heat vests.

A number of good samaritans assisted in alerting emergency officials and remained with the subject. They made efforts to warm the man while rescuers made their way to the scene.

A portable stretcher was used to carry the man to a waiting helicopter 400 metres away. The helicopter landed at base camp, where paramedics were waiting to send the man to hospital. Rescuers had to use micro-spike crampons as the area was extremely icy and slippery.

During the rescue, officials say they witnessed hundreds of other hikers woefully underdressed for the conditions. Hikers are advised to carry layered clothing, proper footwear, micro-spikes, and a small backpack with essential supplies.

Hikers should also be aware of the early sunset and tell someone where they are going and when they expect to be back.


Feature Image: North Shore Rescue

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