Indiana Jones movie marathon at The Rio Theatre

Aug 9 2016, 8:54 pm

Raiders. Temple. Crusade.

If that sounds like the ingredients to a perfect night out then you’ll love what the folks at the Rio Theatre are serving up this Friday.

Yes that’s right, they’re putting on Indiana Jones all nighter – and to make things even more awesome they’re deliberately omitting the fridge-nuking fourquel that all of us wish had never have happened.

The whip wielding, fedora-wearing, monkey brain-eating action gets underway with Raiders of the Lost Ark at 7 pm this Friday August 12. The opening instalment will then be followed by Temple of Doom at 9:30 pm and finally The Last Crusade at 11:59 pm.

Indiana Jones movie marathon

Where: The Rio Theatre, 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver

When: Friday, August 12, from 7 pm

Tickets: $8 on the door for a single movie, $12 for a double bill and $15 for all three

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