Why it’s important to bank yourself first

Dec 19 2017, 11:16 pm

Part 2 of our interview with one of 5 women Forbes lists as changing the face of entrepreneurism and venture capital for women, Kelly Hoey, who states in her latest interview, below, “If your best investment isn’t yourself, I don’t know what is!”

According to a recent report done by the WEB Alliance, Women as a Catalyst for Economic Growth: A BC Action Plan, Canadian Women represent a meager 5.3% of CEO/Heads of all Canadian Businesses, which mean ~ 93% of the remaining organizations have male CEO’s.

What’s more, according to a study by Narrow the Gap, women CEO’s earn 70% to the dollar of what their male counterparts earn doing the same job, resulting in $35,000 a year less; just two of several reason’s women need to have a Yes Me fund.

In today’s interview, Kelly shares the 3 key pieces of advice she has for all women, the value of the Yes Me fund and how banking yourself first gives you options to have and lead the future you want.

[youtube id=”umS5i5F34jc”]

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