Acclaimed Vancouver street artist releases first NFT project with special offer

May 25 2022, 6:52 pm

An international-renowned Vancouver street artist is releasing his first digital art collection, and the winning bidder of one of the NFTs is in for an artistic experience.

Art Rapture has announced that a curated drop for iHeart’s Feedback Loop will take place on Nifty Gateway on Wednesday, May 25 at 3 pm PT / 6 pm ET.

The pop, urban, and contemporary art gallery based in Vancouver describes Feedback Loop as “a satirical punch to the gut” with “raw elements of street art and succinct social commentary.”

A highlight of the digital art collection is “Hollowgram,” a programmable digital artwork with a unique twist.

ā€œ’Hollowgram’ is a collection of programmable digital paintings,” explained Paul Erik Becker, Chief Curator and Founder of Art Rapture. “The NFT contract communicates with a 24-hour clock. As time changes, so does the artwork, providing the viewer and collector with an ever-changing visual experience over 24 hours.

The winning bidder of the painting of a boy in a data centre gazing upon a shifting hologram will receive a special bonus: iHeart will travel to their hometown or community and paint the artwork on a random mural anonymously.

“iHeart believes this is a gift from the collector and the artist to the community, owned by the community,” added Becker. “iHeart is a local treasure and this is a very exciting collection and concept of art.”

The two other pieces inĀ Feedback Loop are “The Missing Piece – Animated,” portraying a little girl trying to fill a hole in a heart, and “VR (Marty McFly),” showing the iconic Back to the Future character glitching between the physical and digital world.

To learn more about the release, head to and

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