Ignite the spark inside you at Vancouver's Recharge Conference

Dec 19 2017, 9:30 pm

Do you want to learn how to live up to your full potential in mind, body, spirit, career, relationship and finance? It seems almost impossible to accomplish all of it without running low on fuel, without neglecting one thing in the place of another, or without failure. According to Mike Dirks, Co-Founder of the Recharge Conference (taking place on Sunday, January 11), we are pure potential and the only thing getting in the way of us realizing that potential… is ourselves.

“Motivation and inspiration typically don’t come naturally, you need to intentionally expose yourself to those things for them to manifest their power in your life,” said Dirks. “It’s kind of like your metabolism; if you stop eating, your metabolism will begin to slow down.”

The Recharge Conference is a one-day event of positive energy and food for the soul that will teach attendees how to create harmony among the key elements of life. The focus of Recharge is to help people align those inner qualities through skills and strategies so they may excel in the areas they feel are lacking. In order to give your best to the world around you, you need to first be at a place of balance within yourself.

“Research now shows us that seeking material wealth, fame and status cannot bring us true happiness, in fact it usually leaves us feeling more alienated and alone,” he says. “People intuitively know that happiness and fulfillment, can only be found within, not without.”

But, we have all heard of these things right? Attending a conference, a concert, a Shakespeare play and feeling entirely devoted to a new way of thinking, the pursuit of a new skill or language, and then days pass and life regains its normalcy. That feeling of uplifting motivation to focus, balance and recharge dissipates into the abyss of the Mondays and Fridays. How can the lessons help create a permanent stepping stone forward that doesn’t erode by the poison of old habits?

The answer comes in three words: Spark, Energize and Empower.

“It is our hope that when delegates walk out of the doors at the end of the conference, the presentations will have sparked new ideas, new ways of thinking that help them break out of the boxes they’ve created in their minds. That they will be filled with an energy that creates a fire in their gut, that stirs a desire to hold nothing back, to set huge goals and to put all they have into them. That the skills and strategies they learned will be exactly what they need to be empowered to make changes internally and externally to excel and maximize their potential in life,” explained Dirks.

Each attendee is provided with a conference workbook, which contains handouts written by each presenter, outlining their talk and the key notes they feel should be remembered and acted on.

The day concludes with an action plan session, which keynote speaker Matt Corker will be facilitating this year.

When it comes to positivity, Matt Corker is said to live it 100%.

“It’s difficult to be in a bad mood around this guy!” says Dirks. “Matt likes to refer to himself as a ‘double agent of change.’”

I mean, just look at the photos above.

After attending the University of British Columbia, Corker was drawn to lululemon athletica to work in their Leadership Development department. He helped create opportunities that empowered their staff to achieve their dreams and live a life they love.

As a lifestyle design consultant, (and coach, yogi, author and speaker) Corker helps clients get out of their own way and make their lives work.

An element that is unique to the Recharge Conference is that it focuses on bringing in local leaders and peak performers as presenters.

“We want to give presenters the opportunity to really connect, so when a delegate listens to a presenter, they know that they can follow up with them and even meet with them after the conference is over,” he said.

Plus, there are ongoing Recharge events including evenings that host 2-3 presenters and a yearly Recharge retreat that includes stimulating workshops, meditation classes, boot camp workouts and other fun events, and a ton of time to relax.

For Dirks, nothing gets him more excited than to see people discover what they are truly passionate about and live out that passion to ultimately make a positive impact on the world around them.

“I draw my inspiration from people in my life or in the books I read and videos I watch,” he said. “My father is an incredible man of integrity who I’ve always been inspired by.”

If you want to also be inspired to live to your fullest potential, or feel ignited by new ideas, energized by the power you possess and ready to empower those around you, the Recharge Conference is the first step in lasting and applicable enlightenment.

For more information, visit sparkenergizeempower.com.

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