Iggy Azalea at Commodore review

Dec 19 2017, 6:40 pm

Iggy Azalea’s two-year rise from mix tape buzz to mainstream it-girl seems every bit the product of a busy corporate hype machine.

The marketably beautiful young former model has talent. The best bits of her Vancouver concert at the Commodore Ballroom Wednesday night were when she was actually able to spit her sly rhymes, but the formulaic pop structure of her songs interrupts her flow too often by forcing in singable hooks.

Performing 13 songs, Azalea was onstage for barely more than an hour, but until she has new material, you wouldn’t want her to overstay her welcome. The 23-year-old Australian’s voice is an affected, rap-approved southern States snarl, and she doesn’t play with her tone or inflection the way her contemporaries and influences do so excitingly (Nicki, Missy, Kim), so when coupled with the rather samey songs besides those three or four that became hit singles, the whole thing can get tiresome.

Despite fun dancing and cool light projections on her Miami-glam background set, Iggy Azalea’s live show wouldn’t be that much fun for anyone on the fence about her. The crowd of gay bois and white girls dressed as ratchet hipster prostitutes who knew every word had a great time. I was ready to be converted by Azalea’s undoubtable live charisma and sheer showmanship, but found her wanting.

Set list:

Beat Down
Fuck Love
Don’t Need Y’all
Change Your Life
Murda Bizness
Drop That
Lady Patra
Flexin’ and Finessin’
Black Widow
Work (encore)

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