If Vancouver's burning you out, try this dream vacation

Dec 21 2016, 2:57 am

It’s time to take a breather.

You’re living a fast-paced life in the city. That often means that you’re working around the clock, while trying to maintain your social life. You’re also trying to get some exercise, but that’s always a struggle – and even your morning shower is rushed.

It’s time to get some R&R.

But rest and relaxation shouldn’t be stuffed inside the box. Instead of spending the day at a far-too-expensive spa in the city, you can take a trip over to Vancouver Island. And once you’ve arrived, there are tons of activities and places that will let you get all the relaxation you need, while still giving you a unique experience.

Stay at secluded beaches in Lighthouse Country

When you think beach, you probably think of sand and sunny days. But heading to a secluded rocky shoreline as winter comes to an end is infinitely more relaxing. Lighthouse Country consists of Qualicum Bay, Deep Bay, and Bowser. With most of the area’s people staying inside, you’ll have all the natural beauty of the beach to yourself – views of passing orcas, sea lions, and seals, as well as the much closer wildlife in the tidepools.

Go chasing waterfalls

The sound of water is proven to help relax the body, and the scent of trees makes for natural aromatherapy. So instead of listening to a tape of water sounds, get outside and experience it. Little Qualicum Falls is a picturesque provincial park just outside of Parksville Qualicum Beach. The falls are connected to a campground which is open for day use in the winter, although there’s no camping until April.

Take a tour of a dairy farm

Nothing is more relaxing than an evening of cheese and wine, so why not take a trip to the place where that decadent meal starts? Morningstar Farm in French Creek makes cheese and wine with the award-winning Little Qualicum Cheeseworks and Mooberry Winery. The cheeseworks offers self-guided tours, so you can see what happens to the cheese before you eat it, and the winery sells gooseberry, sparkling blackberry, and cranberry wines.

Watch a live theatre show

Just because it’s drama doesn’t mean it can’t be relaxing. Watching a play is not only a different way to spend an evening, but it’s also a great way to clear your head space. Parksville Qualicum Beach has two different theatre troupes you can go see. Bard to Broadway is a summer theatre company that performs dramas, musicals, and family entertainment. ECHO Players at the Village Theatre is a non-profit group that performs between the fall and spring.

Just because something’s out of the ordinary doesn’t mean it can’t be relaxing – and no place shows that more than Parksville Qualicum Beach.

The tourism-focused town on Vancouver Island’s East Coast offers many different relaxing activities. From nature retreats to community markets, Parksville Qualicum Beach has everything a relaxation searcher could want.

For more information on the kinds of relaxing activities Parksville Qualicum Beach offers, check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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