10 iconic treats that will make you nostalgic for the holidays

Dec 2 2019, 12:42 pm

There’s no other time of year when we indulge in treats like during the holidays.

For as long as we can remember, certain melt-in-your-mouth chocolates and sweet candies have been synonymous with Christmas. Maybe your parents or grandparents buy these goodies, or perhaps your boss gets them for the office every year. No matter what, once the first box is opened, it feels like the festive season is officially upon us.

Whether you’re celebrating with a Friendsmas party, dinner at your folks’ place, or stocking up on chocolates so that you’re never without a last-minute gift for someone, iconic holiday sweets have got to be on your shopping list. Here are our 10 all-time favourites to indulge in over the holidays, all of which are available at London Drugs.

Merci Chocolates

Having a supply of chocolate in your apartment throughout the holidays is a given, but it also makes the ultimate gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Merci Chocolates are made with premium European ingredients, and each one is individually wrapped. Dreamy? We think so.

Jacobsen’s Danish Butter Cookies

Jacobsen’s/London Drugs

Cookies are always a good idea, and when you’ve got classic butter cookies within reach, things are instantly better. These rich and indulgent bites are the answer to all your holiday snacking dilemmas, and they pair with tea in the most divine way. The tins have often been used for sewing kits, or you could use them for something even more adorable.

Hot Chocolate

Ghirardelli/London Drugs

One of the things we love about hot chocolate is the fact that it’s synonymous with getting cozy on cold winter evenings. Every confectionery treat is complete when you’ve got a mug of Tim Hortons, Nestle, or Ghirardelli hot chocolate in hand (with or without some cream and chocolate sprinkles on top).

Lindt Advent Calendar

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and picking up a Lindt Advent Calendar is a surefire way to bring about festive cheer. Start the holiday countdown with this premium chocolate that tastes absolutely heavenly. This year, Lindt has released a special Canucks edition of the advent calendar, so you can gift this one to the biggest hockey fan you know.

Twinings Tea for Two Advent Calendar

Twinings/London Drugs

For those wanting something other than chocolate in their advent calendar, we have you covered. You can opt for an even more sophisticated version with a Twinings Tea Advent Calendar. Count down 24 days to Christmas with a selection of teas from a classic brand that will help you unwind, relax, and awaken your senses.

Fererro Rocher

Ferrero Rocher/London Drugs

If you’re stocking up on a number of different treats this season, one of them has to be the always-delicious, crunch-perfect Fererro Rocher. Since this holiday classic is available in a variety of different packages such as a Fererro Christmas tree ornament, classic box, Grand Fererro, and Fererro Collection, it’s ideal for gifting.

Waterbridge Candies

Waterbridge/London Drugs

European countries have a way of crafting delectable morsels we can’t get enough of. Waterbridge Candies fit the bill and make for the optimum stocking filler this season, with an assortment of classic candies and chocolates to choose from. Pro tip: you can’t go wrong with the Allsorts pouch!

Lambertz Premium Assorted Cookies

Lambertz/London Drugs

The thing about holiday treats is that everyone has their preference, whether that’s chocolate-coated or vanilla bean cookies. Lucky for us, a box of Lambertz Premium Assorted Cookies has the ideal mix with 22 varieties of dark, milk, and white chocolate–coated cookies — something for each preference and craving.

Paterson’s Shortbread

Paterson’s/London Drugs

December just wouldn’t be the same without shortbread. It’s a treat that has a special place in our hearts because it pairs exceptionally well with everything from a mug of hot chocolate, to tea or coffee. Make the most of this season and pick up a pack of Britain’s favourite shortbread biscuits.

Kinder Chocolates

There was nothing better as a child than breaking into a Kinder Egg. And while you may no longer want to play with plastic toys, you can still indulge in the chocolate. This season, why not round up your friends and reminisce about your younger years over some of the best iconic treats? Kinder Bueno, Kinder Joy, and maybe even a Kinder Advent Calendar (no judgement if you eat all 24 days in one sitting).

If you’re up for feeling nostalgic this season (or simply craving treats!), visit London Drugs online or in-store today, pick up some throwback treats, and get ready to watch Christmas movies on repeat.