Reality TV sweetheart Jasmine Lorimer tells us what she wants in a car... and a guy

Oct 5 2017, 3:36 am

You’ve been dreaming of them for a while.

That sizzling partner who blows your mind with an alluring personality, killer style, and the know-how when it comes to making you laugh hysterically. You imagine yourself enjoying all the activities you do together; even a regular day could feel like a full-blown safari. You want that special someone who could join you to enjoy simple tasks like grocery shopping or even an impromptu road trip.

You know they’re out there…somewhere.

And although you wouldn’t normally think of comparing car traits to a potential partner, reality TV star Jasmine Lorimer thinks it’s a great idea.

To show you why, she teamed up with Hyundai to give three lunch winners a date with her and the all-new Hyundai Ioniq.

Here are the top three traits she looks out for in both a car and a guy.


Jasmine and Kent/Hyundai Canada

Jasmine goes dog walking with her first date Kent. “Trust is everything, you need to be able to rely on your partner,” she says in the video. And her date agrees that you need to feel safe. The same element of trust goes for your car and driving, and according to Jasmine, the Hyundai Ioniq car is “an absolute blast to drive.” It’s super quiet and safe thanks to its exceptional, strong ‘superstructure’ design.


Kevin and Jasmine/Hyundai Canada

Jasmine craves a partner with creativity, so it was only natural that she did something creative with her date, Kevin. The two of them rolled up their sleeves to paint a brand new car for the sheer fun of it – and as an added plus, she got a glimpse of his awesome personality. A fun personality is a trait that Jasmine looks for in both a car and a date. And luckily, fun is something you don’t have to sacrifice with the right car since you can find an eco-friendly one that handles incredibly well.


Chris and Jasmine/Hyundai Canada

According to Jasmine, a sense of adventure is key for both your partner and your set of wheels. That’s why she took her third date, Chris, on a test drive in the Hyundai Ioniq around a track. Jasmine looks for something that she can take on an adventure with her, whether that’s her beau or a car. Fortunately, you get an amazing sense of adventure in the hybrid car thanks to its high speed and the ability to quickly turn corners.

If you’re inspired by Jasmine’s video and would like to take the Hyundai Ioniq for a test drive, there’s a way that you can. Hyundai is teaming up with Tinder to give six Canadians the chance to win an electrifying date night chauffeured in an Ioniq, plus a $200 pre-paid Visa gift card to treat your special someone. It’s easy to enter the contest online – you’ll be in with the chance of winning in the draw each month, for six months. To enter on Tinder, simply swipe right when you see the Hyundai profile card pop up in the app or go to

When looking at the Hyundai Ioniq, you can choose which model of the car that best complements your lifestyle; the Hybrid Power Train, the Electric Power Train, or the Electric. The Ioniq is the world’s first vehicle to feature three electrified power train options, so you’re spoiled for choice.

For more information about the Hyundai Ioniq, visit Hyundai on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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