Watch Canadian stuff get crushed by a hydraulic press (VIDEO)

Jul 7 2017, 7:25 pm

We’ve all been there: It’s 2 am and you’re lying in bed, unable to sleep.

“What the heck,” you think. “I’ll just hop on the computer for a moment and lull myself to sleep with its offerings.”

Then it happens. You get lost in the weird part of the internet again.

But every so often, between the alien conspiracies and random cat videos, you find a gem.

Case in point: This Youtube video that shows Canadian products getting crushed by a hydraulic press.

Yes, it’s all there for the crushing – a lacrosse ball, a Tim Hortons coffee tin, a jar of Maple Syrup, even our childhood staple food: KD.

The video, posted to Youtube by– who else – The Hydraulic Press Channel, gives an up close and personal perspective of a hydraulic press in action.

The internet rabbit hole never looked Canadian.