How to get a job at Apple, according to ex-Apple worker Sam Sung

Sep 13 2016, 6:45 pm

A former Canadian Apple worker, ironically known as Sam Sung, has launched a new website revealing exactly how to get that elusive job at Apple.

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Despite having the same name as the tech giant’s biggest rivals, Sung worked as an Apple Specialist in Vancouver for almost three years, before leaving to join the recruitment industry.

Unable to lie low for long, his story went viral a couple of years ago, when he raised $2,653 for charity by auctioning off his last Apple business card.

#Apple #Samsung business card exclusive eBay auction. #Vancouver

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Now Sung is back with a new professional name, Sam Struan, and a new website, How To Get A Job At Apple.

Sung told Daily Hive he decided to build the website after he kept getting asked for advice from techies trying to take a bite of the Apple.

“Apple’s notoriously difficult to get into,” said Sung. “I had a great time working for Apple at two of their stores… so I’m happy to recommend them as an employer.”

As well as extensive FAQs, Sung’s website features a series of videos on everything from how to get a referral from an Apple employee to what to say and wear at an interview.

Sung says so far, he hasn’t been able to get anyone past the final interview stage, but a few people have been invited to the group seminar stage. Good luck!

Top 5 tips for getting a job at Apple

According to former Apple employee, Sam Sung.

1. Try and get a referral.

“I originally applied without a referral and didn’t hear back, then I got a referral from someone who worked at the store and within 3 weeks I was invited to a group interview.”

2. Clean up your resumé

“It doesn’t have to be fancy or edgy. Just make sure it’s easy to read and free of errors. You’ll need to forward this on to your referral so don’t make them look bad.”

3. Dress business casual

“Apple is a casual work environment but dress business casual for interviews – you still need to make an effort/impression.”

4. Ask insightful questions

“Such as: What kind of person would be a good fit for the store? Where can I bring you the most value? What are some of the intangible benefits or working for Apple? How is performance measured? When it comes to customer satisfaction, what sets this store apart? Avoid questions about pay, the discounts and product rumours.”

5. Smile!

“Be genuine about why you want to work there and what interests you about the company/working environment.”