35 hot Vancouver artists to look out for

Dec 19 2017, 8:14 pm

Anyone who knows Vancouver’s art scene knows it’s bursting with talent. Check out the 35 artists (in no particular order) who are the pioneers launching ArtsALLY.com, a new hyperlocal art community where anyone can discover, buy or rent, original art.

Through ArtsALLY’s art subscription programs, businesses can also rotate beautiful local art on their walls to keep the workplace fresh.

1. Kelly Crawford of East Vancouver


With a keen eye for colour and composition, Kelly creates impressionistic pieces that are
expressive of the vibrancy of British Columbia.

2. Collin Elder of Squamish


Inspired by working in ecological conservation, Collin’s vivid and sometimes surreal oil
paintings focus on shifting our anthropocentric vantage-point.

3. Justine Andrew of Commercial Drive


Justine works mainly with acrylics on wood to create modern yet organic works that possess
the timeless feel of a captured moment.

4. Melanie Ellery of Hastings


Visual Artist. Dog Lover. Marathon and Ultra Runner. Enjoys travel, wine, film, and cooking.
Small but mighty! Still exploring and growing.

5. Nadine Stefan of Gastown


Nadine creates landscapes that invite an inner experience by connecting the senses to the
outer world of foreground and background, colour, light, and shadow – a moment in time and

6. L.J. Throstle of East Vancouver

L.J.Throstle_Face_of_a_long_eared_owl (1)

British-born L.J. creates stencil, street and pop art with spray paint and mixed media. Subjects
include, animals, still life, and portraits.

7. Natalie Reynolds of Hastings


Natalie’s pieces evoke enigmatic other-worldly landscapes, along with elements of a familiar,
known reality.

8. Cath Hughes of the North Shore


Cath is a British visual artist who attempts to capture the psychological and physiological
experience of being on the West Coast and the North Shore.

9. Wendy Morosoff Smith of Tsawwassen

WendyMorosoffSmith_Three_Weeping_Hearts (1)

Wendy’s pieces are meditations on place, time, the elements, memory, and perception.

10. Dana Mooney of the West End


With her background in makeup artistry and interior design, Dana connects with her clients’
needs and creates them something beautiful.

11. Robyn Drage of the West End


Each of Robyn’s works reveal an open-ended story for the viewer to complete.

12. Marion Webber of Fairview Slopes


Marion paints a visceral connection to the land and objects she is interested in. Sometimes
her work is realistic, other times based on her imagination. Her goal is to notice the ordinary
and make it extraordinary.

13. Deb Chaney of Kitsilano


Deb’s works are spiritual consciousness revealed in a physical form. She works with a
healing intention and creates her large mixed media paintings with many layers of translucent
colour, infusions of light, and earthy ephemera.

14. Deborah Bakos of Strathcona


Deborah’s abstract paintings directly reference architectural forms and local colour. They are
a type of visual gaming for her, where line, form, and colour act as playmates. The object of
her game is to find balance in a world of extremes.

15. Laura Zerebeski of Cambie


Laura is a full-time expressionist painter capturing urban landscapes and personifying
buildings so they look like the people that live in them.

16. Joanne Hastie of North Vancouver


Joanne Hastie paints colourful scenes of everyday cityscapes and landscapes she
experiences in the Pacific Northwest and during her travels abroad.

17. Kathryn Lissack of the East Village


Through collage, Kathryn shares visually saturated stories infused with locally-sourced
ephemera, typography, and rich textures.

18. John Ferrie of Mount Pleasant


John’s love of Vancouver and life on the west coast inspires him. Images flow in whimsy –
sweeping brush strokes, fearless colour choices and intrinsic detail.

19. Lori Goldberg of Grandview


Lori has exhibited art in Canada, the USA, and in Europe. She has collections in the Canada
Art Bank, The City of Vancouver Art Collection, VGH Foundation, and the Interstate Bank in
San Francisco. She currently teach at Emily Carr University.

20. Liza Visagie of Marpole


Liza applies traditional oil painting techniques along with investigative and innovative
approaches within a modern and contemporary context.

21. Anne Sargent of Fraser


Anne uses the figure in undefined spaces because she loves the tension and ambiguity it

22. Lorn Curry of North Vancouver


Disoriented East Coaster wending his way along the perilous West Coast art trail with a
rucksack full of tattered paint brushes and half a canteen of microbrewed dreams…

23. Andrew Briggs of South Granville


Andrew tends to work on three to four canvases at a time so the ideas stay fresh!

24. Elyse Dodge of the West End


Elyse’s acrylic paintings combine her modern graphic design aesthetic with her love for
capturing inspiring vistas.

25. Lucas Gaudette of Yaletown

LucasGaudette_Landscape_(In Green)

Lucas lives a life is adventure and simplicity. His life appears as symbols and patterns and it
compels him to express them in a way that is universal and brings people together.

26. Patrick James Bravo of Kitsilano


Patrick James Bravo plays in between the fine lines of adulthood and childhood. His work
expresses the freedom and carelessness of the inner child mixed with the artist he became.

27. Dennis Brown of Hastings


Dennis is a landscape artist who works in oils and paints in the open air, directly from life

28. Rachael Lawson-Gurevitch of Victoria


With a low tolerance for boredom, Rachael (aka Night Girl) has an inspired imagination and
believes everything is truly connected.

29. Enoch Tee of Strathcona


Once an artist mentor in the Downtown Eastside, Enoch is currently an art teacher for a
charity in the Philippines. His work is based on sentimentality, and uses icons, similar to

30. Paul Chizik of East Vancouver


Rooted in classical painting tradition with a contemporary approach, Paul follows in the
footsteps of the renaissance masters to expertly capture subject matter from landscape to still

31. Sharon Habib of the North Shore


Sharon is an abstract artist working in acrylics and mixed media. She creates textures that
reflect the strong influence that weathered walls and decay in nature have on her work.

32. Brent Clowater of Fairview


Brent is a maritime-born artist whose work is collected internationally. He uses soft washes
complemented by hard edges and saturated colours to turn drawings from real life into
luminous watercolour paintings.

33. Roy Geronimo of Grandview


Roy draws the viewer inside a world that is a little softer and more orderly than its source.

34. Suzy Arbor of East Vancouver


Suzy’s work explores the tension between physical, digital, social, and emotional spaces.

35. Zoltan Kapus of Mount Pleasant


Zoltan firmly believes that art has no borders or limits. He believes art is a form of exploration,
because creativity is endless. His artwork is an avenue where he can express his ideologies,
dreams, and ultimately, a reality that replaces fantasy.

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