Hon's Wun-Tun House in Coquitlam ordered to close by Fraser Health

Mar 17 2023, 11:51 pm

According to an inspection report issued by Fraser Health, Hon’s Wun-Tun House in Coquitlam has been ordered to close due to cleanliness infractions.

The restaurant, which is located at 310-3025 Lougheed Highway, received a two and a half hour inspection this week on March 15, according to the report, which is available for the public to view in full online.

The restaurant was given a “high” hazard rating with a score of 50 (anything over 30 counts as “high”), all accumulated from “non-critical hazards.”

These infractions include things like “food not protected from contamination,” “premises not free of pests,” “Food premises not maintained in a sanitary condition,” and “Premises not maintained as per approved plans.”

According to the inspection, Hon’s had left food “uncovered in most coolers,” with some left on the counter without proper covering. Food that was covered was only done so with cloth towels or “plastic that appears to be garbage bags.”

In addition, several “rodent droppings” were noted in numerous areas of the restaurant, including on shelving, counters, and beside “clean plates.”

Overall, the space was found to have an “accumulation of dirt, grease and food derbies [sic],” according to the inspection report.

Hon’s was given until March 22 to correct these infractions, which would involve deep cleaning the entire facility and implementing food-grade plastics to cover food. Until then, it will remain forcibly closed.

According to the report history, the last time Hon’s was inspected was September 2022, when it also received a high hazard rating. This report had indicated that one critical hazard was observed, which involved a lack of adequate hand-washing space for employees. The restaurant was not closed at that time, but was left with detailed instructions on actions needed to improve the cleanliness of the space.

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