7 mouth-watering delicacies that taste better in Hong Kong

Aug 29 2017, 2:11 am

So many things in life are worth travelling for.

Cultural enrichment. Vibrant city atmospheres. Meeting locals. Taking in jaw-
dropping scenery. And of course, tasting traditional local fare.

Sure, you can take inspiration from a cookbook and channel your inner Gordon
Ramsay by recreating dishes at home. But there are tons of weird and wonderful
delicacies that taste best when you visit another country.

Hong Kong is one of those places, and it needs to be on your bucket list. The
food scene is insane and vastly diverse since many Hong Kong residents
are Chinese, Cantonese, Teochew, Hakka, or Shanghainese. It is a key gateway to
the rest of Asia and a perfect place to begin your travels before heading on to
explore delicacies in other Asian cities.

And to make it better, you can arrive there in just over 13 hours by taking Cathay
Pacific non-stop from Vancouver. During your flight, you’ll get a taste for light
and flavourful dishes before sending your taste buds on the sensory journey of a
lifetime at the many street vendor stalls and city restaurants.

Daily Hive has teamed up with Cathay Pacific to highlight seven delicacies that
you need to try on a trip to Hong Kong.

Roast goose – Yue Kee

Roast goose/Shutterstock

You have to try this traditional Cantonese dish when you visit Hong Kong. The
restaurants Yung Kee and Yue Kee are renowned for roasting up whole geese and
serving the dish in small pieces with skin, meat, and soft bone. Dip it into plum
sauce and you’ll be an instant convert.

Imitation shark fin soup – Food stands in the Mong Kok District

Before you get turned off, the soup is now made with vermicelli in place of shark
fin. And, it’s ridiculously tasty with ingredients like pork, black fungus,
mushrooms, and seasonings like sesame oil, pepper, and Zhejiang vinegar.

Stinky tofu – Food stands throughout Hong Kong

Stinky tofu/Shutterstock

This popular Hong Kong street food is made from fermented milk, vegetables,
meat and shrimp. Fresh tofu is immersed in the brine of milk for a day or two to
get its flavour. Make sure it’s deep fried when you order it and cover it in
some hoisin sauce to lessen the strong scent before you indulge in the dish.

Rickshaw noodles – Wing Kee Noodle

Rickshaw noodles/Canyon Travel

This dish originated as a street food and is extremely popular with locals in Hong Kong. Now you can order rickshaw noodles in a wide variety of styles and flavours at restaurants with ingredients like fish balls, sirloin, carrots, and hogskin mixed in with soup.

Eggplant with minced pork – Shanghai Po Po

Fried eggplant dish/Shutterstock

You’ll find this tasty dish at many Hong Kong eateries, although its technically a Sichuan dish. It comes with fried eggplant and cucumbers, minced pork fried with broad bean paste, seasonings, red peppers, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and a little sugar. It’s then cooked in a clay pot to maximize flavour.

Sago mix – Cong Sao Star Dessert

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely want to try this traditional Hong Kong dessert. It’s made with sago which is like tapioca, and mixed seasonal fruits. It’s chewy, sweet, sour, and everything you’d want in a treat.

Pineapple bread – Kam Wah Cafe

Pineapple bread/Pinterest

This sweet bread originates in Hong Kong and that means it’s easy to get your hands on at most bakeries in the city. Surprisingly, the bread doesn’t actually contain any pineapple, although the top of it does appear to resemble the fruit. It’s actually made with eggs, sugar, flour, and lard, which form a hard surface above the soft doughy bread. Eat it when it’s freshly baked with some jam or hazelnut spread for the ultimate finish.

It’s easy to travel from Vancouver to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific, as the airline offers direct flights 17 times weekly from YVR to Hong Kong International Airport.

And unlike other airlines, when you fly in economy class with Cathay Pacific, you can take advantage of a wide range of features like convenient check-in options, receive superb service from staff, recline in comfortable, redesigned seats, dine on delicious food, and enjoy a state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system.


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