Vancouver-based hiring platform GradsLikeMe gives 'students the opportunity to shine'

Aug 29 2016, 4:03 pm

As many recent grads know, it’s hard to find a job these days.

Even if you have a plethora of experience, great grades, and solid references, sometimes employers just skip over your resume.

But Vancouver-based startup GradsLikeMe is attempting to change the job market for recent post-secondary graduates.

Essentially, GradsLikeMe is a web platform geared specifically towards soon-to-be or recent graduates looking to connect with potential employers and recruiters.

“On the Canadian landscape there really isn’t a dedicated platform or centralized portal where students and recent grads can go to (in order to) apply for jobs,” Paul Brar, GradsLikeMe CEO and co-founder, told Daily Hive.

Brar and his business partner Preet Dhaliwal, decided to create GradsLikeMe because they recognized the difficulty for graduates trying to enter the job market.

“Times have really changed…these days students are graduating in over $28,000 in student debt. There are an over qualified amount of students and recent graduates, and there is also a huge unemployment rate in the youth demographic,” said Dhaliwal.

Student users of GradsLikeMe set up online profiles that showcase their accomplishments and experiences. They can upload their resumes, as well as projects, essays, and transcripts so employers can get a more well-rounded picture of who potential candidates are. These documents can only be viewed by employers for privacy.

GradsLikeMe also allows students to upload resumes in video format, or using creative templates.

“It gives (students) an opportunity to shine. Nowadays a typical resume … it does get overlooked. It’s pretty bland and boring,” said Brar.

Employers are able to directly recruit and connect with candidates. They can use the site to promote their company, post jobs, select potential employees, and hire talent.

While LinkedIn is a widely used hiring platform, it is geared towards established professionals. GradsLikeMe is a stepping stone for students who need a bit more support to get their foot in the job market.

Currently, there are 200 employers using GradsLikeMe such as Vancouver-based bookkeeping company Bench and Whistler Blackcomb.

“With over 200 companies already signed-up, we’re really happy to see the support and need for our platform,” said Brar.

“As the only platform of its kind in Canada, I can’t imagine a better tool for students and employers to use.”