Hip to be square: Dogs getting geometric cuts

Dec 19 2017, 11:02 pm

Square hairdos for dogs are now a thing, and you can blame social media for the spark of this weird cubist fad.

Dog owners in Taiwan are appealing to stylists to trim their dog’s fur into a sphere or square. The geometric shapes make some dogs look like a piece of toast, honestly.


Some dogs are also transformed into the “perfect pooch” by trimming their fur into perfect circles, complete with fetching ear muffs.


Pets Shape Up For A New Look In Taiwan

One hairdresser in the capital of Taipei told The Daily Mail that the outlandish makeovers are an attempt to make the pooch more eye-grabbing and clean-cut looking in their photos on social media.

“It came about because people were always looking for more impressive haircuts and somebody came up with the idea of shaping the dog like a hedge,” she said, adding that the hairstyles are difficult to maintain.

Bizarre or not, the trend is growing, and apparently dog owners are flocking to high-priced Asian groomers to get the hottest haircut in town.

While groomers here in Vancouver are used to getting strange requests from clients – think lion cuts for Pomeranians, or Mohawks, they don’t expect the square trend to cross the Pacific anytime soon.

Linda Shih of Yaletown’s Pawsh Dog Spa says the cut wouldn’t work in the rainy Vancouver weather.

“Once the dog gets wet, it wouldn’t look like a square anymore,” she said.

Here are some more shots of this excellently hilarious hairdo.

square-round-dog-haircut-taiwan-11 square-round-dog-haircut-taiwan-10 square-round-dog-haircut-taiwan-8 square-round-dog-haircut-taiwan-7 square-round-dog-haircut-taiwan-2Images via DailyMail


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