Highway 99 closed near Lillooet due to "slope instability"

Nov 10 2019, 9:30 pm

As a safety precaution, crews with the provincial government were forced to close Highway 99 today in an area about 15 kms north of Lillooet.

According to a release, the closure of the route between Fountain Valley Road and Sallus Creek Road is due to ongoing slope activity at the Ten Mile Slide site. There has been accelerated movement in the area over the past 24 hours.

Highway 99 north of Lillooet is a vital route that leads to Kamloops.

Until further notice, drivers are advised to use alternate routes — Highway 1, Highway 12, and Highway 97.

“Ministry staff and geotechnical engineers continue¬†to monitor activity at the site using electronic monitoring equipment. The road will be reopened once movement has subsided and Highway 99 is once again safe for travel,” reads the release.

This has been a target area for slope stabilization work for the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, which has a $60-million project underway at the slide site. It is anticipated the decades-long slide activity will be reduced from the installation of tied-back concrete and composite piles below the highway, 200 soil anchors above the highway, and the reconstruction of the highway to two lanes with a guardrail.

The project is anticipated to reach completion in Spring 2021.

Ten Mile Slide along Highway 99 near Lillooet

Ten Mile Slide along Highway 99 near Lillooet. (Government of BC)