Highlights from Canucks vs Oilers Young Stars game

Dec 19 2017, 5:20 pm

Hockey is back! Kind of.

The Canucks had their first game of the Young Stars tournament in Penticton against Edmonton Friday night, which meant they got their first dose of McDavid-mania.

How did he wear his hair? Is he a coffee guy or a tea guy? Does he like Betty or does he prefer Veronica?? So many questions, so little time.

Now, this is a Young Stars tournament, which means you shouldn’t dissect it too much. A huge performance by one player, or a terrible one by another, are pretty hard to put into NHL context. Just enjoy the fact you’re watching people bat a piece of rubber around the ice again.

So rather than over analyzing things, here’s a short look at some of the highlights of the game Friday night!

A game in which the Oilers won 8-2. But shhh, look at all the hits!


1. Virtanen hits McDavid


This will be the hit everyone is talking about on the Canucks side of things. In fact, most bloggers probably sprained their wrists in a rush to put up a quick “VIRTANEN CRUSHES MCDAVID” post minutes after it happened.

Reactions to the hit ranged from “That was interference!” (From Oilers fans, and geezus guys, it’s not even close to interference) to “**** YEAH” (From Canucks fans) to “That was it?” (everyone else).

The truth lies in the middle. It was a good hit.

Also, **** yeah.

2. Virtanen and Nurse


Since hitting McDavid is apparently the equivalent of spitting on a flag, the Oilers were a bit upset with Virtanen for most of the first period. Darnell Nurse and Virtanen were jawing at each other for a lot of the game about the McDavid hit. Or else they were discussing their player ratings in NHL 16. Nobody is quite sure.

Also, this just in, Jake Virtanen is going to be a fan favourite.

3. Breakaway Abols


Camp invite Rodrigo “Kane and” Abols missing a breakaway chance. Just like Hansen drew it up.

4. Virtanen elbow


Brian Burke says “Virtanen” doesn’t mean “Elbow me in the face”.

5. You call that a cross check?


THIS is a cross check.



7. McDavid assist


Yes, that was Conor’s first point, a point which had the colour commentary team VERY excited. Like, if this was on a scale of 1 to 18 year old Sam Bennett, it was a solid 8. “THAT WAS THE PRIMARY ASSIST GUYS. PRIMARY. AS IN FIRST. HE GOT THE PRIMARY ASSIST.”

8. McDavid goal


“THAT’S HIS FIRST GOAL AS AN EDMONTON OILER” the announcer screamed, tears streaming down his cheeks. “We did it” he thought to himself. “We’ve seen the future and it is glorious.” The announcer turned to his left and embraced the first man he could find. Connor McDavid had scored and everything was going to be all right.



When your jam comes on and you realize nobody else is dancing.



If you’re wondering why there are a lack of scoring gifs or defensive highlights from the Canucks, it’s because there was no defence and very little scoring.

Lots of hits though?



Turn down for what??

That’s Mackenze Stewart who refuses to embrace the letter “i”. His likes include hitting, hitting, and taking long strolls along the beach, where he can presumably hit more people.

12. No look pass


Jared McCann made the nicest play of the game, with the wicked no look pass to Brendan Gaunce. Or as Henrik Sedin calls it, Tuesday. (Bonus points to those who get the movie reference).

13. The own goal tradition continues


“I was told this was something you guys do in Vancouver?”

14. Signs it’s a Young Stars game


Or as Luca Sbisa calls it, Tuesday.



Yakupov playing drums like a young Bryant Reeves.

16. Gaunce Gaunce Baby


Aside from Virtanen and Subban, Gaunce was one of the standout players in this crushing loss. He drove to the net hard, and got a goal that would have made Messier proud. No word if he celebrated after the game in a tiny towel, however.

17. When you sneak a beer at work


It was Diet Pepsi. But still.