We put this unbreakable umbrella to the test in Vancouver weather

Dec 4 2019, 4:00 pm

We all know Vancouver gets a bad rep because, well, all of the rain. On average, we get about 57.3 inches of rainfall per year.

You never know what Vancouver weather is going to bring, so it’s essential to be prepared with your armour ahead of time. And by armour, we mean one really good, basically indestructible umbrella.

We set out on a mission to discover if this kind of umbrella actually exists, and guess what? It does. Of course, after years of having our umbrellas ingloriously flip inside out, tear, and fall apart, we had to put a Hedgehog Carbon Umbrella (or three) to the test on a classic, rainy day in the city.

Hedgehog Carbon Umbrella/(Cynthia Chi/Daily Hive)

Hedgehog Carbon Umbrella/(Cynthia Chi/Daily Hive)

This sleek umbrella is one that you do not, we repeat, do not, want to lose. It’s an investment to help you combat Vancouver’s heaviest rain-filled days — and it works!

We jumped. We splashed. We swung it around. We ran down a back street yelling at the top of our lungs. Nothing phased it.

Hedgehog Carbon Umbrella/(Cynthia Chi/Daily Hive)

Wondering how and why a Hedgehog Umbrella can withstand a storm? Well, the product is the brainchild of two mechanical/automotive engineers who were living in Vancouver and got tired of umbrellas breaking on them. So, they set out to build their own.

The founders applied their experience building cars to build the ultimate umbrella, and they spent four years perfecting the product. Now based out of Toronto, the company has released two versions of their umbrella and even appeared on the latest season of Dragons’ Den.

Each Hedgehog Umbrella is made using a smart combination of carbon fiber and stainless steel, which results in an umbrella with incredible strength.

Hedgehog Carbon Umbrella/(Cynthia Chi/Daily Hive)

Picture yourself battling a storm as you walk home from work with a flimsy umbrella (terrible, right?). Now imagine doing this care-free with an umbrella that’s been tested at wind speeds of over 70 mph.

Every Hedgehog Umbrella has a patented WindFlex suspension system that allows each rib of the rain shield to pivot and adjust itself against incoming winds. And the umbrella is literally strong enough to withstand the weight of a car driving over it, so no need to worry about it ever breaking (there’s also a global lifetime warranty).

Tired of the colour of your umbrella canopy? No problem: the Hedgehog Umbrella is the first of its kind to have a fully interchangeable canopy. This means you can swap between colours, patterns, and designs whenever you feel like it.

Hedgehog Carbon Umbrella/(Cynthia Chi/Daily Hive)

Every year, more than a billion umbrellas are broken. This leads to waste in our landfills and equates to enough metal to build 25 Eiffel towers. Hedgehog’s goal is to put an end to this by creating durable, long-lasting products.

This season, you can do your bit for the environment by gifting a Hedgehog Umbrella to your favourite person. After all, it’s something you know they’ll be able to use for life.

Visit Hedgehog Umbrella now to order yours (and one for a friend, obviously). Enter the promo code DAILYHIVE at the checkout to get 20% off your order!

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