PODCAST: "Vancouver is leaderless" and it's time for a change, says Hector Bremner

Mar 8 2018, 8:03 pm

Episode 13 of The Confab Diary, presented by Daily Hive, features Hector Bremner, a Vancouver City Councillor, Mayor candidate for the Non-Partisan Association, and VP of communications firm, Pace Group.

“It’s about right or wrong”

Bremner states he is striving to break down the partisanship that exists in Vancouver’s City Hall. Our principles, he claims, have been flushed away from picking left or right.

“The question should come down to what is right or wrong within a broken system, emphasizing the housing crisis that is facing Vancouver,” Bremner says.

It’s heartbreaking every week being in that place”

The environment in City Hall is “nasty and toxic” and, according to Bremner, city staff are in disarray and moral is at an all-time low.

“There is no leadership and no direction.”

Fun fact

Bremner also noted that the original housing bylaws of Point Grey were established by James Alexander Paton, a Klan member, who was a newspaper owner of The Point Grey Gazette and served on City Council in 1924.

Paton’s early motives for urban planning in Point Grey was for it to be “a first class residential district free from the blight of apartments and orientals.”

Vancouver thrives off multiculturalism and, if elected, Bremner would remove Paton Street as one of his first acts as Mayor, he says.

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