Halloween Costume Ideas 2010 Top 10

Dec 19 2017, 12:38 pm

Every year Vancity Buzz has come up with a unique (well as unique as it’s going to get) list of great Halloween costume ideas. This year, our research took us to the far reaches of the interweb and this is what we’ve come up with.

Top 10 Ideas for the ladies:

1. Snooki: Yep the shameless chick from Jersey Shore is bound to be a hit with the ladies.

2. Lady Gaga: Everyday is Halloween for Gaga but now you can be just like her!
3. That chick from Avatar, I forget her name.
4. Alice in Wonderland: Go skimpy or classy that’s your call.
5. Little Red Riding Hood

6. Wonder Woman
7. Naughty Nurse: a staple at any Halloween party

8. Slutty Cop: Bring some handcuffs along, by the end of the night you may need them.
9. Pin up Girl
10. Hello Kitty: Don’t know how one will be able to pull this off but kudos to you if you can

Top 10 Ideas for the Men

1. BP Oil Spill Clean Up Guy: Make sure you bring an oil drenched fish or duck for the full effect
2. One of those blue Avatar things
3. Vampires: For some reason this trend has yet to die so why not recycle last years costume and save a few bucks
4. One of the dudes from Jersey Shore: Surrey I’m looking at you.
5. Pirates: If it’s good enough for Johnny Depp it’s good enough for you
6. Gladiator: Don’t got a six pack, no matter, spray one on.

7. Comic Book Costumes: Be it Wolverine, Spider-Man or one of the Avengers you can’t go wrong with a super hero.
8. Zombie: See the annual Vancouver Zombie Walk for inspiration
9. Hamburglar: How cool would that be
10. Dirty Hipster: Grow a dirty mustache, make sure not to bathe for a few days and practice your self entitlement speech and your all set. Oh and grab the cheapest beer you can find.

Well there you have it. Feel free to add your own costume ideas in the comments section. 

Look for our list of great shops tomorrow.
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