Half Price All You Can Eat Hot Pot at Point Zero Fusion

Dec 19 2017, 5:08 am

Hot Pot has always been a fall and winter’s favorite all across different regions in China. Family and friends gather for a sumptuous feast, with different dishes covering up the entire table. Today’s Red Pocket deal can definitely make your feast affordable. Conveniently located by Richmond ever-popular “food street” (8500 Alexandra Road), Point Zero Four Fusion has been the ultimate destination for All-You-Can-Eat hot pot in Richmond. They also has an extensive late night snack menu and a great variety of BBQ skewers.

Enjoy 50% off All You Can Eat hot pot for two people at Point Zero Four Fusion; the deal also includes your choice of soup base and 2 drinks, which makes your experience hassle free. Get the deal here.