Grow 2012 Conference

As we move into August and look ahead to how we can enjoy the rest of the summer, we look beyond the beach and into the great indoors. Yes, there are some (but few) worthwhile indoor events and we’re excited to give a preview on the Grow 2012 Conference – the biggest entrepreneurial meet-up of the year. On Thursday, August 23rd, be amongst the 800 attendees to meet the Silicon Valley elite, top world investors, and B.C entrepreneur success stories as this epic conference runs for its third consecutive year.

UBC alumni Brian Wong, co-founder and CEO of mobile rewards network, Kiip, will be one of the highly influential speakers. Others include leaders from major tech companies and publications such as: Indiegogo, PlentyofFish, Eventbrite, Hubspot, TechCrunch, Tech Vibes, and CNN. In the past, the Grow conference has attracted tech giants such as, LinkedIn, Groupon, Facebook, Yelp, and Google.

You can see the entire schedule on the official website:

This year is all about showing companies how to engage with their ever-evolving customers and marketplaces. The conference organizers best describe the theme of this year’s event:

Engage or die. The social web has changed expectations and empowered consumers with real-time information and a digital soapbox. These consumers are your customers and your employees. In today’s noisy marketplace with low switching costs, they can leave you at any time. In order to survive, companies will need to re-think how they engage with their audiences.

The Grow Conference is sandwiched between two awesome days. On the day before, a great entrepreneurial hands-on conferencewhere patrons learn all about setting the right metrics which in turn, influence product and marketing decisions. On August 24th, it’s your chance to do outdoor activities such as the Grouse Grind or a Gastown food tour with top CEO’s. You can get a more in depth look at the conference and other events going on that week in a cool article I found written by O Canada.

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Photo Credit: Petra Dueck