Who needs a gold medal? Receive a party as an award in Saturday's Grouse Grind Mountain Run

Sep 21 2016, 4:48 am

The best way to celebrate a Saturday? Getting sweaty.

We’re all used to climbing the Grouse Grind for its spectacular view, but this weekend you’ll be rewarded with even more. The SHOES.COM Grouse Grind Mountain Run is hosting an elaborate mountaintop party for anyone who scales the epic 2.9 kilometre trail.

The celebration promises to deliver climbers with both achievement and fun. That means they’ll receive an infusion of prize giveaways, libations, yoga, and partying – all for doing one of their favourite activities.

In anticipation of the adrenalin pumping event, we’ve compiled a list of all the reasons why you’ll want to race your way to the finish line.

The prizes

Think you can beat the official record-holder for the Grouse Grind (twenty-five minutes and one second)? Plan on taking it easy and Instagramming your way to the top? Want to wear a wacky costume? There are prizes for that.

After the run, the Alpine plaza will host an awards ceremony celebrating the hikers who made it to the top. No word on what the prizes will be but based on the extravagance of the rest of the event, they can’t be bad.

The libations

Celebration Beer


The Grouse Grind Mountain Run won’t be lacking in liquid courage. Registration includes a cold one from Granville Island Brewing, and once you reach the top it keeps on flowing. Rest your weary hiking shoes at a long table beer garden, sip on savoury Caesars, or indulge in an elegant mimosa.

You won’t need to drink all of this on an empty stomach. There will also be snacks and a BBQ waiting for you.

The relaxation


Yoga/Grouse Mountain

Sore muscles bring down a party – and luckily the Grouse Grind Mountain Run has realized that. In addition to the prizes…and the booze…and the food, there will also be an abundance of tranquility.

Get a massage to sort out the kinks you in your neck from trying to see the sights and breathe in mountain air along with the fragrance of aromatherapy. Get some emergency physiotherapy to deal with your strained knee. Or just use the balancing power of yoga to reorient yourself before you head back out to the celebration.

The party

This is where the action is. There will be music: a DJ pumping out tunes throughout the afternoon. The Adam Woodall Band – Vancouver’s answer to John Mayer and Elton John – regaling you for three hours will you sip mimosas and snack.

There will be lawn games, though they aren’t your grandma’s party toys. Giant beer pong is only one of the many options on the mountain top (it’s unclear as to whether the beer pong will be accompanied by giant cans of beer).

It’s your hike. Your party. Your celebration. With so many things waiting for you, you can enjoy it any way you want.


Race/Grouse Mountain

Online registration for the SHOES.COM Grouse Grind Mountain Run closes today at 6 pm, so get your name in before it’s too late. Five dollars of your registration fee will go to the BC Children’s Hospital, so it’s guilt free all around.

SHOES.COM Grouse Grind Mountain Run

When: September 24, 10 am

Where: Grouse Mountain

Price: $35 (Adult), $30 (Youth), register online. (Online registration closes today, September 22. However, you can still register in person at Grouse Mountain guest services or on the day of from 8 to 9 am.)

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