Groundswell attracts talent through a focus on work and career development initiatives

Feb 16 2023, 7:10 pm

For the fourth consecutive year, Groundswell Cloud Solutions has been nominated and awarded by Canada’s Top 100 Employers competition, this year as BC’s Top Employer and Canada’s Top Employers for Young People. The Groundswell team truly deserves to be recognized and to earn this honour for its industry-leading, employee-driven, and community-supporting initiatives.

“I am so grateful and thankful for our team. They are unique, smart, diverse, and they resonate with the humility and passion that fuels our culture. In that kind of environment, great work is done,” says Brian Wiebe, COO at Canadian Delivery Centre. “I am excited for our adventure ahead, the impact we can make on a global scale, and the ways in which we can grow as we relentlessly [move] forward together.”

Groundswellers truly enjoy a fully hybrid working model; their downtown Vancouver office (with a 360-degree view of the city) provides a great environment to collaborate, while the ability to work from home up to 80% of the time gives employees the flexibility they need to balance work and personal life. Employees have everything they need at their fingertips at home with a generous allowance to create a comfortable and quality remote workspace.

All Groundswellers agree that this balanced work environment allows for better communication and collaboration while also allowing them to focus on professional and personal development.

Award winners after a recent peer-to-peer Award Ceremony (Groundwell Cloud Solutions)

The first thing about Groundswell that all new employees notice is the very supportive and collaborative culture. From offering opportunities to grow employee expertise with Salesforce certifications and upskilling talent at local Hackathons, to celebrating successes with quarterly peer-to-peer award ceremonies, you can find yourself working with a team of trusting people who genuinely care about each other and the work they produce for their clients.

“A good leader is someone who can effectively communicate and set clear goals, inspire
and motivate their team, make informed and strategic decisions, and continuously learn
and adapt to new technologies and industry trends,” says Harry Mishra, a ProServ Manager. “Demonstrating empathy is what sets great leaders apart. You should be a good listener with emotional intelligence.”

These initiatives definitely make it easier for new graduates to take the leap into full-time
employment and find an unforgettable work experience in tech and consulting with
Groundswell on their side. It might seem impossible to find a company that creates space and supports not only the whole team but also focuses on individual growth.

One way that Groundswell boosts growth for new graduates and interns is by supporting them on active client projects, which helps them gain real project experience in the technology industry. Before jumping onto any project, new graduates and interns get proper technical and consulting knowledge with Camp ProSurf — a holistic 5-week training program that teaches everything from agile training and the best way to study for your first Salesforce Certificate to how Groundswell structures projects. New team members also receive 1:1 mentorship to learn the right expertise and explore all sides of consulting with managers and senior colleagues.

“The training program was the best,” says Functional Consultant Bernadette Bermudez. “A 5-week bootcamp for consultants who are new to the industry — I don’t think any other employers can top this. It was definitely intense but also enjoyable because there was a lot of focus on theoretical knowledge and practical application of consulting concepts alike.”

Attending the BC Children’s Hospital Race for The Kids (Groundwell Cloud Solutions)

Groundswell is always on the lookout to improve and enhance benefits for all Groundswellers. This includes fun and meaningful philanthropy events at the office to raise money for local charities and group volunteering events at organizations like the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

After introducing Groundswell for Good Days in April 2022, a policy that gives full-time employees up to three (paid) days a year to volunteer, employees have spent over 600 hours volunteering at charities across Canada. These amazing community impact activities are driven by the whole team, who can bring to the table all topics they are passionate about, working together with the volunteer-led group, The Impact Team. Following the acquisition by GyanSys, the company culture continues to focus on passion-driven innovation, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of quality.

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