These grocery store food items were just voted best of the year in Canada

Feb 25 2022, 5:22 pm

The largest consumer-voted awards for the best products of the year were announced today, with several food items on the list of winners.

The 2022 Product of the Year Awards chose 35 winners for outstanding innovation by conducting a national survey of 4,000 Canadian shoppers.

In addition to the personal care items and household essentials, like Endy’s sofa-in-a-box, 18 food items have been selected as the best of the year by Canadian shoppers.

Here are the 18 food items selected as the best food product of the year in its category:

Bread & Bagel: Dempster’s Signature Bagels

Cheese: Boursin Minis Garlic & Fine Herbs

Dairy-Free Cheese: Boursin Dairy Free

Frozen Food: Compliments Smoked Gouda Cheese Beef Burgers Stuffed

Functional Beverage: Oasis Health Break with collagen

Gluten-Free: Sol Cuisine Cauliflower Burger

Healthy Snacks: Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP® Salted Maple Flavoured Kettle Corn

Organic Beverage: Blender Bites 1 Step Organic Smoothie Pucks

Plant-based Chicken: Sol Cuisine Hot N’ Spicy Chik’n Wings

Plant-based Foods: Dempster’s Chickpea Tortillas

Ready-to-eat: Vector Maple Crunch Cereal

Sauces: Heinz Crowdsauced

Snack Bars: Live Right Cran-Cherry Cashew Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bar Snacks

Snacks – Cheese & Cheese Flavoured: Compliments Maple & Aged White Cheddar Popcorn Mix

Snacks: Takis® Dragon Sweet Chili™

Soups & Dressings: Campbell’s® Concentrated Broth

Spreads: The Laughing Cow® Mix Chickpea with Herbs

Sweet Snacks: Sara Lee Little Bites Party Cake Mini Muffins

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