Average Canadian household to spend over $400 more on groceries next year

Dec 4 2018, 10:02 pm

Get ready to spend some more dough on your dough.

According to a study conducted by Dalhousie and Guelph Universities, food prices will be going up in 2019.

But it won’t be all food categories that see a significant rise in prices.

The study states that meat and seafood prices are expected to go down or stay the same, and dairy prices will only increase by a maximum of 2%.

The minor change in dairy costs is likely connected to the USMCA deal that was agreed upon earlier this year, allowing easier transport of dairy products from the US to Canada.

Ultimately, it’s fruits and veggies that will be bringing up the bill. Fruit prices, expected to rise by 1 to 3%, follow behind the cost of vegetables, which are predicted to see a 4 to 6% price increase.

Canada’s Food Price Report 2019

Overall, the average household is expected to spend approximately $411 more, to a total of about $12,157, to bring home groceries next year.

The study states that major food trends expected to affect these numbers include cannabis food products, Canada’s new food guide and the “ongoing protein wars” between animal sources and plant-based options.

The increased cost of getting vegetables onto the table isn’t anything to scoff at, because the accessibility of produce is important to the health of Canadians.

But hey, at least steak will be a bit more affordable.

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