7 places for grilled cheese and tomato soup combos in Vancouver

Oct 27 2016, 4:21 pm

By Alice Chen

One of the most comforting culinary combos is a gooey, buttery grilled cheese paired with a bowl of velvety tomato soup. Both are delicious on their own but together represent the epitome of comfort food.

Whether you’re craving the traditional version or a fancier twist on the classic, here are seven places to get your grilled cheese and tomato soup fix in Vancouver.

The Red Wagon

For those craving some nostalgia with their meal, look no further than the Red Wagon Café for simple, comfort food that takes you back to your childhood. Popular with the locals, the diner serves up a crunchy, cheesy trifecta of cheddar, goat cheese, and swiss grilled cheese, paired with their smokey tomato soup.

Address: 2296 East Hasting Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @redwagoncafe

Belgard Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Belgard Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Belgard Kitchen

Nestled in the Settlement Building along with Vancouver Urban Winery and Postmark Brewery, Belgard Kitchen serves up an opulent rendition of the classic combo. Only available during dinner, Belgard pairs a scrumptious pot of tomato soup fondue with swiss and gruyere grilled cheese toasties (cut into small stripes perfect for dipping).

Address: 55 Dunlevy Avenue, Vancouver
Instagram: @belgardkitchen


A restaurant that’s no stranger to comfort foods, Burgoo offers a variety of palatable classics and puts their own twist on the dynamic duo. Their Gooey Cheese Grillers are jammed packed with mozzarella, gruyere, emmenthal, and white cheddar; it usually comes with a salad, but you can swap it out for their hearty tomato soup.

Address: 4 Locations in Metro Vancouver; check website for details

Instagram: @burgoobistro


Vancouver’s tiny grilled cheese take-out window is serving up a lot of flavour. Hi-Five offers five variations of the classic grilled cheese that range from cheddar to gruyere to pepper jack packed with extras like sriracha, mac ‘n’ cheese, and BBQ chips. Indulge in one of the scrumptious sandwiches with a side of tomato soup for lunch (Tuesday to Friday) or as a late-night snack (Thursday to Saturday).

Address: 30 East Cordova Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @h_i_f_v_e

See also

The Cannibal Café

Better known for their milkshakes and legendary burgers, Cannibal Café also has a drool-inducing grilled cheese comprised of smoked gouda, provolone, and mozzarella topped with a crunchy cheddar top, accompanied by their homemade tomato soup.

Address: 1818 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Address: 433 Granville Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @thecannibalcafe

Deacon’s Corner

A quintessential greasy spoon, Deacon’s Corner boasts a plethora of Southern-style comfort foods and diner classics – including their no-frills grilled cheese (with mozzarella, monterey jack, and cheddar) and creamy tomato and basil soup.

Address: 101 Main Street, Vancouver

Address: 3189 West Broadway, Vancouver
Instagram: @Deacons_corner

Fable and Fable Diner

Grilled Cheezus with Tomato Soup at Fable Diner Lindsay William-Ross/Daily Hive)

Grilled Cheezus with Tomato Soup at Fable Diner Lindsay William-Ross/Daily Hive)

If you’re looking for a fancier version of the classic combo, try Fable. Their grilled cheese has white cheddar, onion jam, and spinach (you can add pulled pork for an extra $4), with a side of creamy tomato soup. For something more casual, pop into Fable’s sibling restaurant: Fable Diner–an elevated concept of the classic diner–to enjoy their Grilled Cheezus (cheddar, swiss, and fontina) and much-lauded tomato soup.

Address: 1944 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Address: 151 East Broadway Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @fablediner

Alice Chen is a freelancer writer, content marketer, and chocolate consumer. Twitter: @_alicechen