Gregor Robertson Has a Snow Plan

Dec 19 2017, 11:45 am

Thanks to my little write-up yesterday and a few hundred scathing e-mails from citizens of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson finally has a plan for snow removal. A little late seeing that the snow is all but gone, but its better than NO PLAN. The plan is basically a carbon copy of Toronto’s plan (hey if we can steal their captain why not their snow removal plan).
To their credit the city did have workers and trucks out in full force yesterday. Not only to deal with drainage issues, but last night they were out patching up those horrendous pot holes on the Oak Street bridge and other major streets and intersections. Something that they’ll have to do more of later on. Again, don’t expect side streets to be taken care of initially, but if you complain enough they’ll come around to it, eventually.Back to the plan, part of his plan requires homeowners to basically pick up a shovel and clean what they should have done a few weeks ago anyways. Shovel their sidewalks and clear the catch basins. As of right now its not a bylaw, which came as a surprise to me. This should be a bylaw. Further, he calls for the removal of vehicles on official snow routes. Any violators will be towed and fined. Well, duh! Again not an official bylaw, but show be one.

Next time we’ll unleash blogger Money J Skeets and his gang of street toughs to go around with baseball bats and bash peoples cars if they don’t fucking move them.

I know that the city isn’t used to this much snow and that there are budgetary issues attached, however proper planning on any level should always deal with worst and best case scenarios. This type of planning eludes most governments and our municipal government seems to be no different.

Lets see how this all plays out during the next big snow fall in Vancouver. Hopefully it won’t be another snowgate.

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