5 green companies in Vancouver that love our environment

Dec 19 2017, 10:54 pm

We all know the stereotypes – Vancouver is made up of a bunch of tree huggers always protesting pipelines – but our concern for the environment is never a bad thing.

There are dozens of companies born and raised in Vancouver that aim to make the world a better place through environmental protection, but here are our five picks for movers-and-shakers to look out for.


Inventys is the developer of “the most energy and capital-efficient technology for capturing carbon dioxide from industrial flue gas streams.” The VeloxoTherm technology is one of the cheapest ways to capture post-combustion CO2 and will enable the use of high-performance oil recovery and carbon sequestration.

Inventys was funded by Sustainable Development Technology Canada and is currently developing partnership agreements with some of the world’s biggest energy companies.

My Green Space

My Green Space is a free garden planning, e-commerce and maintenance software that aims to promote health food, healthy people and a healthy planet. Gardeners can use the software to plan their garden space, choose from the best varieties for their chosen location, buy plants and receive tutorials and reminders. The only catch is, they haven’t yet launched – but their website states their software is arriving in Spring 2015.

Plastic Bank

According to Plastic Bank’s website, the environmental and social startup’s goal is to reveal the “value in plastic and people.” They create value in plastic by “giving an opportunity for individuals to exchange plastic in return for health, education and 3D printing services.” Their process will help pull people from poverty and enable them to live and start businesses with more ease. The company will also reduce the amount of new plastic created by marketing their recycled plastic, called Social Plastic.

EcoAction Recyling

EcoAction Recycling provides bins to office kitchens to encourage staff to dispose of food waste. Someone from their team will then come to the office, pick up the waste and recycle it back into the soil. The company increases the ease of recycling organic waste in busy office environments. Their service has reached greater importance in Vancouver since the bylaw on food waste reduction came into effect this year.

Image: EcoAction Recycling

Image: EcoAction Recycling

Nature’s Path Foods

Nature’s Path Foods is a local organic, fair trade and non-GMO food producer with products ranging from cereal to grains and granola bars. They are also the largest independent manufacturer of organic breakfast and snack foods in North America. They have signed the Sustainable Food Trade Association’s declaration of sustainability and work to keep their customers healthy as well as their business operations. Their social responsibility includes diverting 92 per cent of their waste from landfills, donating $1 million to North American food banks, donating $2 million of cash and food to the hungry and keeping 204,000 lbs of chemical pesticides out of the soil. Nature’s Path foods was named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers in 2015.

Image: Nature's Path Foods

Image: Nature’s Path Foods

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