Canadian wildlife photographer snaps stunning owl pic before it perches on camera

Mar 28 2022, 2:41 pm

You can’t spell “photography” without “hoot.”

Anaïs Trépanier, a wildlife photographer, based out of Quebec, got quite the surprise moments after taking a stunning shot of a rare Great Grey Owl.

Trépanier says the “crazy moment” occurred after observing the Great Grey Owl from afar, perched on an electric wire.

“I was placed far away from her, at the end of a small field, hoping to photographer her in flight,” Trépanier says in a French Instagram post. “About 20 minutes later, the owl finally takes off and flies towards me! I see her come closer, close my viewfinder, and I click, click, click…”

The photographer continued, “incredibly, she perched on my lens!”

Trépanier says the owl stayed perched atop the lens of her camera for thirty seconds before it took off. Luckily, two other photographers were on site to capture the entire thing.

The Great Grey Owl is the world’s largest owl species by length. They breed in North America from Lake Superior to the Pacific coast and are permanent residents of Canada.

“I was so focused that I didn’t have the reflexes to be afraid,” she says.

Trépanier says she was reluctant to share the photos on social media, scared that people would react negatively, thinking she may have attracted the owl for the perfect shot, which she says isn’t the case.

“It’s a special behaviour and a unique moment that I wanted to share,” she says. “I consider myself very lucky to have had this experience!”

Check out more magnificent local wildlife photography on Trépanier’s Instagram page.

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