GradusOne: Online resource for students and recent graduates

Dec 19 2017, 5:14 pm

Did you have a clear idea of what your career would look like when you entered university? What about when you graduated, diploma firmly in hand; perhaps you had a job lined up already – one that you knew would keep you engaged, moving forward on your clearly defined career path.

For most, this isn’t the case. High school students often graduate with a vague idea of potential career options, and after completing some form of post-secondary education that relates to that vague idea, they’re released into the professional world. All too often, career choices are made out of necessity rather than a true understanding of their own unique interests, drives and career options.

GradusOne seeks to change this. By providing mentorship, access to resources, firsthand career experiences and advice from industry professionals, they help students, post-secondary learners, graduates and young professionals or those seeking career transition to discover the opportunities available to them, refine their skill-sets and abilities and define their own career paths.

The program completed its soft launch in March, beginning with monthly industry panels covering technology, medicine, real estate and, on September 23, tourism. Nearly every one of the speaker panels – intimate affairs where students and graduates can come equipped with questions for the panelists and network with industry insiders afterwards – has sold out.

And now, with the launch of the website, those in search of career guidance will have one more tool at their disposal. By completing the website’s online registration profile and specifying their individual interests and goals, you’ll have access to tailored content including articles, career spotlights and personal and professional development tools like online journals. You’ll also be notified about upcoming industry networking events going on around the city, as well as internship and volunteer opportunities related to your interests.

GradusOne is the brainchild of SFU Professor and community activist Sam Thiara and entrepreneur and philanthropist Manny Padda.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have several mentors that made a big impact on my life,” says Padda, who has since founded several multi-million dollar companies, including the investment firm New Avenue Capital and the executive recruitment firm PM Search Partners. “When I was in University, I was really confused about what I would end up doing for a career – people were telling me I would be successful, but I had no idea how to get there. By talking to mentors like Sam, I was able to define my skills and to realize that my path was unique. Sam and I have stayed in touch ever since, and that’s how the idea for GradusOne came about – through our desire to help others discover their own unique career paths.”

“Having mentored hundreds and engaged with thousands of young people in their life and career, I found the same reoccurring questions and concerns from students and recent graduates – what’s next?” says Thiara, GradusOne’s co-founder and CMO (Chief Motivating Officer. “GradusOne is what has emerged from my journey with this audience; a place where we can support the journey. It is about being the enabler. ‘Gradus’ is Latin for step and together with GradusOne, we are the first step to their success.”

To find out more about GradusOne or to learn about upcoming industry events and workshops, visit


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