Gordon Campbell Vs. Carole James

Dec 19 2017, 11:43 am

This epic battle will culminate in May leaving one party scratching their heads in bewilderment. If recent polls are any indication both the NDP and the Liberals are going to win, both by a wide margin, huh? I guess one of the polls had a slightly higher ratio of lazy union workers and the other hard working professional. Nonetheless, ignore those polls for they are inaccurate, the only poll that matters is the Vancity Buzz poll (our provincial election poll will up after New Years, there is too much other stuff going on right now).

In the mean time, the NDP “leader” Carole James continues her assault on our beloved premier, the honourable Gordon Campbell. How you ask? Yep you guessed it, that god damned carbon tax. Somebody please tell this imbecile leader that gas is now hovering around 90 cents and that the tax is revenue neutral. Maybe she just doesn’t have the cranial capacity to comprehend such simple economics. However, she did throw in a blurb about social issues, and that may be her best tactic as for all the Liberals did they took a bit long to implement some of their social initiatives. Regardless she lacks in many areas and I can not envision her as the face of BC when the Olympics roll into town.

While Carole gripes with asinine stuff, the premier is busy attending opening ceremonies for a fancy new spinal cord research and care centre. As he stated in the Province today:

“The Blusson centre is the world’s largest, most advanced and most comprehensive facility devoted to spinal-cord research and patient care,”

Upon reading that quote our very own resident blogger Money J Skeets was overheard in halls saying (as he wiped away a tear),” The noblest spirit embiggens the smallest man,” taken from none other than Jebediah Obadiah Zacharaiah Springfield himself. Actually Gordo is above average in height, but now I’m just being picky and we all know not to expect to much from Skeets anyway.

Called the Blusson centre, it is a shining example of what BC should be. A leader in the world, not a follower. That is what this current government is all about, promoting the good that BC has to offer the world. Something naysayers will ignore in their ever attempt to overthrow the government. Asshats.

The Canada Line, convention centre (with a Federal Liberal convention on its way), Olympics, BC Place renovations, new art gallery, bridges etc… are championed by the Liberals, so thank Gordo for that. He is also working on building social housing see for example on the corner of Main and 1st. Not too shabby. That is just the beginning.

So to the NDP and its union backers,bring it on. This will no doubt be a tight race for control of British Columbia and Gordo and his troops are ready.


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