Google Goggles

Imagine walking down the street, for that matter imagine everyone walking down the street, talking to themselves to take a picture of something they fancy, look up directions to somewhere they want to go, or video chat with a friend who’s on the other side of the world.

Beyond a lot of bumping shoulders, the occasional trip, and more chatter in the background than cellphones could ever promise, Project Glass (the code name for the glasses) could very well be the next stepping stone into a whole other augmented reality.

The company announced on the project’s Google+ page that they’re looking for feedback, ideas, and general thoughts and comments about how the futuristic spectacles could be used. Hence, the photo shoot with the mock-ups worn by fashionable models looking to take geek chic to a whole other level.

The glasses could hit stores as early as the holidays, and have generated considerable buzz already. Time will tell whether this will be another successful tentacle of the ever-growing giant or prove to be a lesson learned. Besides Project Glass, Google is also rumored to be working on a self-driven car, the innovative culture at the company continues to give employees space to tackle seemingly impossible ideas and turn them into reality, albeit slightly augmented.