Going To The Races

Dec 19 2017, 5:03 am

I’ve never seen any event like this before. If you told me that I’m going to be watching a horse race I’d expect to bring some bucks to gamble and make sure the girl stays at home. This month we’re going to Thoroughbred to see its “aquarian exposition” of derby racing.

It’s described as Kentucky Derby meets the Hamptons. On August 6th, a crowd of young and old will congregate at Hastings Racecourse dressed in old-style hats, equestrian-themed Pashmina Afghans, and shiny cufflinks. Thoroughbred is a daytime affair where you can bet on the ponies or just hang out and socialize. You won’t be alone, some of the Buzz crew will be showing up, too.

Thoroughbred has been a traditional event for the last few years, and this time they’ve stepped up their game. They’ve expanded capacity and brought some players on, too. No really! Playboy is hosting a new gentlemen’s lounge featuring its new Energy Drink and the event tent is getting bigger. I’ve seen the floor plan, everyone gets a red carpet-like entrance so this is a good time to polish your strut. There’s a bourbon bar, espresso bar (if you didn’t sleep last night), and cigar shop if you forget to bring your favorite Cubans. Expect your inner foodie to desire the creations of Cocktails & Canapés, I’m told that they will not disappoint.

Thoroughbred is this Saturday, and if you can’t make up your mind just yet have a look at some snapshots from last year’s event.


What are the Thorough details?

  • Saturday, August 6th at Hastings Racecourse
  • Gates open 12pm.
  • Men dress in ascots. Ladies need hats.
  • Get tickets at http://attheraces.ca/


See you there.

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