A massive sustainability and climate change summit is coming to Vancouver

Jan 20 2020, 6:15 pm

In 2019, hundreds of thousands of Canadians hit the streets and joined global climate strikes to call for immediate action. The year 2020 is young, but we’re already seeing the devastating impacts of the climate crisis, from horrifying fires in Australia to deadly floods in Indonesia.

Climate experts predict that by 2100, global temperatures could rise by three to five degrees celsius. For global GDP, this could bring about a detrimental decrease. The silver lining, however, is that if bold climate action is taken, it could deliver $26 trillion USD in economic benefits through to 2030.

So, how can the Canadian business community both mitigate the risk of climate change and capitalize on opportunities in the clean economy? You can find the answers at GLOBE 2020.

Taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre West from Monday, February 10 to Thursday, February 13, GLOBE is the largest and longest-running sustainable business summit in North America.

Networking/GLOBE 2020

The summit is split into three components: GLOBE Exchange, a full day of B2B networking on cleantech (February 10); GLOBE Forum, featuring thought-leaders from around the world as well as workshops (February 11 to 13); and the Innovation Showcase, a place to experience cutting-edge technology (February 11 to 12).

So whether you’re a corporate professional, a budding entrepreneur, or an investor keen to diversify into the clean economy, there’s sure to be something that piques your interest at GLOBE 2020. Here’s why.

Creating important partnerships in a growing space

Connecting/GLOBE 2020

GLOBE has been a huge part of the sustainable community for 30 years.

Since its inception in 1990, a total of 170,000 people from 97 countries around the world have attended GLOBE events to learn from industry leaders, discover cutting-edge technology, and create valuable business partnerships.

GLOBE 2020 is set to be even bigger and bolder than ever before with top-notch programming, a new venue, and plenty of opportunities to network with titans of the economy across a range of sectors. These include finance, information and communication technology, retail, manufacturing, mining and metals, transportation, energy, building and infrastructure, and many others.

Laser-focused on impact and outcomes, the event will bring together companies, policymakers, First Nations leaders, not-for-profits, and youth to accelerate action.

Learning from industry experts and thought leaders

Audience/GLOBE 2020

GLOBE Forum brings together world-renowned speakers, innovators, and sustainability experts from the public and private sectors. Among many others, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Gina McCarthy, the former Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency; Sylvia Earle, Founder of Mission Blue; and Robert E. Rubin, the former US Secretary of Treasury, have spoken at GLOBE events in the past.

GLOBE Forum is set to challenge and inspire attendees while exploring five central themes: the Climate Crisis, Sustainability as Strategy, Energy Transformation, Circular Economy, and Mobilizing Capital. The ultimate goal? To create a big impact for your business, the economy, and, crucially, for the planet.

This year’s speaker lineup features Varshini Prakash, Executive Director and Co-founder of Sunrise Movement; Kate Brandt, Sustainability Officer at Google; Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer, Microsoft; David Wallace-Wells, best-selling Author of The Uninhabitable Earth; Neil Gerber, Director, New Energy and Blockchain, IBM; Megan Leslie, the Chief Executive Officer of WWF Canada; Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Canada; and Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Government of Canada.

FYI, new speakers are being announced on a weekly basis!

Expanding your knowledge of sustainable innovation


For the first time ever, GLOBE 2020 is launching a full day of B2B networking and transactions with a focus on ‘cleantech’ (AKA, sustainable innovation). Taking place on February 10, GLOBE Exchange features everything from coaching for growth to investor presentations, matchmaking, and networking activities. Students can register for the Talent Connect recruiting session for just $15.

Another place to be inspired by the world of cleantech is at the GLOBE Innovation Showcase. This two-day event will feature exhibitor-led programming, opportunities to connect with startups pioneering incredible technology, the chance to take part in innovation challenges and to open your mind to next-generation cleantech.

You can experience all of this and so much more at GLOBE 2020. Tickets start at $95 and vary based on the specific event you choose to attend. Register via GLOBE 2020 now to secure your spot and get ready to start your journey to becoming a leader in sustainability.

GLOBE 2020

When: Monday, February 10 to Thursday, February 13
 Vancouver Convention Centre West — 1055 Canada Place
Tickets: Starting at $95, based on whether you attend the Innovation Showcase, GLOBE Exchange and/or GLOBE Forum — Register via GLOBE 2020

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