Activist crashes Global B.C.'s live broadcast of English Bay oil spill (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 10:45 pm

Global B.C.’s News Hour live broadcast from English Bay yesterday evening was interrupted when a man with his own camera walked in front of the T.V. station’s camera.

At the time, news anchor Chris Gailus and reporter Rumina Daya were discussing updates on the English Bay oil spill.

Gailus repeatedly asked the man to step out of the camera view, but he ignored the pleas and remained steadfast at his position. The control room was eventually forced to send back the broadcast to the Burnaby studio, where Robin Stickley was on standby.

According to Global B.C., the man confronted Gailus and Daya for five minutes before leaving the area. The man is apparently part of an environmental activist group and this stunt was a ‘protest’ against tankers in B.C. waters.

“As soon as he realized we were off the air, he stopped,” said Gailus. “There were no physical altercation, it was just me trying to convince him that what he was doing was completely counterproductive and a waste of everyone’s time… but you’re never going to convince a guy like that.”

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