Volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada and advance your professional opportunities

Apr 21 2017, 6:14 pm

It’s National Volunteer Week and there has never been a better time to help out an organization in your local area.

You’ll feel a great sense of fulfilment when you do, and it could even help you to advance your career opportunities too.

Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) is one of the largest networks of female volunteers in the whole country. With more than 19,000 volunteers, the organization helps young women develop their skills and expertise to enhance their professional opportunities.

So, if you’re thinking of helping out with an organization and want to build on your skillset at the same time, volunteering with the GGC could be for you.

GGC has more than 105 years of history, and they’ve got a vibrant future ahead. The organization provides a safe environment for young women to challenge themselves, have fun, meet new friends, and find their voice.

And they’re offering fun volunteer opportunities for young women who want to make a difference while developing transferable skills that build their resume. Skills like teamwork, collaboration, time management, conflict resolution, mentorship, and more.

Madeleine Deschenes has been in Guiding for more than 15 years, and at 20 is the youngest member on the organization’s Board of Directors.

“My involvement with Girl Guides has provided me with incredible learning experiences that have built my leadership capabilities, teamwork and conflict management skills, and professionalism,” Deschenes told Daily Hive.

“Now, I’m sitting on the Board where I can share my ideas and generate real, positive change for girls. There’s nothing more rewarding than witnessing first-hand how your involvement has a profound, positive impact on the lives of young girls, the community, the country, and the world.”

The volunteer-led organization recently launched its national youth council with Madeleine in the position of Chair. In this role she will provide a voice to girl members and be integral to shaping the direction of the organization. Unlike many millennials in Canada who struggle to jump-start their dream career, Deschenes has created her own with the GGC.

By volunteering with the GGC, you can lead innovative, engaging, and educational programming, acting as mentors and role models who inspire girls to reach their full potential.

It’s a win-win – advancing the empowerment of others and your professional opportunities at the same time. Volunteer positions are unique and vast, catering to different skill sets and interests.

Become a part of the team at GGC by registering to volunteer with the organization this May.

For more information visit GGC online, or find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.