The absolute best gift exchange ideas for every kind of coworker

Dec 9 2019, 11:09 am

It’s that time of year again when you find out that your office Secret Santa is… the accountant that you’ve only met once. Did she say she was really into skiing — or was it cheese, book club, or origami?

Scrolling through Google searches for gift ideas can be stressful. Make it easier on yourself this year with our expertly curated list of gifts for under $30 from London Drugs.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your longtime office BFF, the coworker you just met, or picking out an item for an anonymous gift exchange — we’ve got something in mind for everyone.

Give the gift of music

Taylor Swift vinyl/London Drugs

If you have a music lover in your midst, what better gift than an old-school vinyl? After all, who doesn’t like music? Whether they’re into ACDC, Kendrick Lamar, or Taylor Swift, London Drugs has a huge collection of vinyl from a range of artists.

No one’s bored with board games

Monopoly/London Drugs

Ah, board games. The perfect gift to bring everyone together over the holidays. Board games are a crowdpleaser for sure, whether you’re scoring points in Yahtzee or fighting over who gets Park Place in Monopoly.

Deck the halls with Pac Man

Consider a classic throwback to the video games of the past. Get your giftee an iconic game of Pac Man with this super cool Mini Arcade Game. Because let’s be honest, is there anything more thrilling than chasing around Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde?

Save the planet, one Food Saver bag at a time

Stasher bags/London Drugs

It’s 2019, and more and more people are looking for ways that they can reduce waste and take care of our planet. A simple way to do this is by switching from traditional single-use bags to reusable food bags or reusable Food Savers that stretch, cling, and form-fit to food.

Ch-ch-ch-choose a chia pet

Rick & Morty Chia Pet/London Drugs

Thought Chia Pets were a thing of the past? Not so fast. With new incarnations like Rick from Rick and Morty, think of how cool a Chia Pet would look sitting on your coworker’s desk. Get your office buddy a Chia pet and Rick Sanchez’s hair will be sprouting in a matter of weeks.

The gift of massage

Homedics/London Drugs

Everyone knows how stressful office life can get, not to mention sitting at a desk all day — which can lead to tension, knots, and discomfort. Give your co-worker the gift of self-care this year with a massager like this tiny one from Homedics. It’s so small they can keep it at their desk for when they need it.

Cheers to that

Wine tumbler/London Drugs

A mug for the office can be a great gift, but why not get more personal by getting something based on your colleague’s favourite drink? For wine-lovers, you’ll find a tumbler with a lid, and for someone who loves tea, pick out a stainless steel Thermos that’ll keep their tea warmer way longer than a mug.

The perfect fitness gift

Foam roller/London Drugs

Have a super fit coworker who’s always heading straight to a gym class after work? A foam roller is amazing for relieving tension from a hardcore workout. And if they’re less into intense workouts and more into zenning out at yoga, a new exercise mat is also a great gift idea.

Recharge whenever you need

Phone charger/London Drugs

Help your co-worker recharge this holiday season — literally. Portable chargers are an underrated gift that is practical and perfect for frequent travellers. Plus, they’ll never have to ask to borrow someone else’s charger at work ever again.

Gift cards

Gift card/London Drugs

Still can’t think of the perfect gift? Maybe you’ve been paired with a super picky coworker with niche interests, or you just don’t want to risk having your gift recycled at next year’s gift exchange. Getting someone a gift card is the perfect option when you’re on the fence about what to get. A London Drugs gift card means they can choose what they need from a range of electronics, cosmetics, food, and household appliances all in one place.

Getting a gift for someone you work with doesn’t have to be stressful, nor do you have to awkwardly ask their work friends for tips. Whether it’s a board game, retro throwback, or something to help relax after a stressful day at the office, there’s plenty of options.

London Drugs has everything you could possibly need to help you find the perfect gift for your coworker this holiday — shop in-store or online today.

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