Ghost Stories: Hauntings at the 103-year old PNE fairgrounds

Dec 19 2017, 4:39 pm

Those attending this year’s Fright Nights at PNE’s PlayLand could be mingling with not only the amusement park’s scare actors and attractions but also real ghostly spirits.

So, is the PNE haunted? Earlier this month, following the closure of PlayLand’s season, the Vancouver Paranormal Society was able to access the fairgrounds and carry out an investigation to answer this very question.

They kindly submitted their experience of that night to us:

We are paranormal investigators and our main protocol is to validate client claims or find a logical explanation behind reports. We deal with a full spectrum of cases from residential to commercial or heritage properties. The Vancouver Paranormal Society is the oldest paranormal research team in B.C. if not Western Canada. We are proud members of the TAPS Family, which is a group of worldwide researchers that combine their research and knowledge to improve the field. We also assist anyone that requires our help in any country.

After a year of waiting, we were finally granted access to the PNE. We’ve previously heard of activity from staff and other accounts from our research. We investigated over a month ago and concentrated our efforts in the key areas which the reports have come form: the Mid-Way, Wooden Coaster, Haunted House and the Arcade.

The team consisted of six people and we split up into different groups to cover all the areas of the PNE. We deployed at 7 p.m. and finished at around 2 a.m.

We received a lot of electric voice phenomenons (EVPS) in all the areas apart from the arcade, which to us seemed more residual rather than intelligent responses. The EVPS that we gathered was sourced from the kitchen area of the Haunted House – one was a growl and the other was a yes to a direct response to a question.

The most outstanding piece of evidence that night was the Mid-Way. I set up my DVR camera along with my still camera. I noticed that the tripod moved four times and on the fourth time, the camera head actually rotated 45 degrees. I went out there to see what was causing it, but there were no signs of animals nor were there any winds and rain recorded during that particular night.


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Image: Vancouver Paranormal Society

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