People are losing their minds over German Burger King's bizarre menu items

May 16 2022, 7:47 pm

The internet is abuzz with photos of a German Burger King menu, featuring some sandwich combinations that might make your stomach churn.

On Sunday, Twitter user @MasterOtenko tweeted two photos of the Whopper menu. The tweet has garnered nearly 43,000 retweets and a slew of replies from horrified foodies who can’t help but gag at the selection.

“May someone of my non-German mutuals explain German Burger King to me?” @MasterOtenko innocently asked.

The menu tweeted advertises nine lovingly crafted abominations. We know you didn’t ask to be exposed to this, but here’s a closer look:

Fried egg and banana

german burger king

Burger King

Wow, breakfast of champions! 😍 😍😍

If, by champions, you mean people who excel at having bad taste.

Fish sticks and apple sauce

This honestly looks like something out of of those old American recipe books with the Sprite-and-mayo salads and sausage jellies.

Cucumber and jam

Okay hear me out — caramelized onions are a thing and there are lots of sweet sauces used in barbecue/grilled meat recipes. I think this could be palatable. It’s innovative.

Subway could never.

Strawberry ice cream and fries

This one’s definitely for the rebels who dip salted fries into their vanilla milkshake.

Cake and beef

For when it’s your kid’s birthday party, but also, you hate your kid.

Bratwurst and chocolate spread

More like No-tella.

Vanilla ice cream and olives

Any of you know the German Police’s phone number? Asking for a friend.

Cream and gherkins

This is a completely plausible impromptu stoner snack — I will not be answering any questions.

Currywurst with fried herring

Repent. Simply repent.

Innocent non-Germans who logged into Twitter dot com over the weekend were not expecting to see these shocking images.

But you can breathe a sigh of relief — Burger King is not really making these sandwiches… anymore.

These items were part of the franchise’s Mother’s Day campaign.

Dropping just days before Mother’s Day on May 8, the Pregnant Whopper menu is meant to reflect the odd food cravings that can hit you during pregnancy.

The chain didn’t make up the otherworldly combos either.

Burger King Germany’s website states that they held a survey of expecting mothers and asked them what their pregnancy cravings were. It then turned the survey’s most popular meal combos into Pregnancy Whoppers.

When Mother’s Day rolled around, pregnant people were invited to order a free-of-cost Pregnancy Whopper of their choice at Berlin’s Tempelhofer Damm location of the fast-food chain.

So, yes, they did absolutely make them at one point.

We’re not sure about how well this campaign was received, since Burger King turned off comments on its YouTube video showcasing real pregnant people and the sandwiches.

One person also took the opportunity to hilarious pick on British food culture:

If you absolutely had to, which sandwich would you order?

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