Traffic control hack could transform Gastown into a pedestrian paradise (VIDEO)

May 12 2023, 9:18 pm

On the heels of Vancouver council approving a motion to improve Gastown and potentially make portions of the neighbourhood car-free, someone has an interesting traffic hack idea.

The motion for a bold vision for a people-focused Gastown passed at council earlier this week, including investing in revitalizing the historic neighbourhood.

A pilot program would also see a car-free Water Street, including sidewalk improvements and more.

Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung championed the motion.

A Vancouverite tweeted an interesting concept that could be part of the improvements to Gastown; a retractable bollard.

You might be asking yourself. Wtf is a bollard? We’ll let the Vancouverite’s tweet speak for itself.

The tweet caught the attention of Kirby-Yung, who said, “This is the kind of innovation we need for our public spaces and neighbourhoods. Looking forward to lots [of] good ideas coming forward from community in our planning for a pedestrianized #Gastown.”

We contacted Kirby-Yung for more on whether innovative ideas like this could realistically be part of the new Gastown.

“I think we’ve underinvested in our spaces and places for too long,” she said.

“When we do invest or are creative whether it’s the permanent new plaza and street closure on the south side of the VAG, or do neighbourhood pop-ups like the plaza at Cambie and 18th, people flock to and love these spaces.”

“I think we need to push the envelope for more creative designs. There will be costs and I anticipate that will be one challenge (likely along with engineering considerations), but it’s so worth it over time making these investments. These are city-building opportunities that enhance the vibrancy and quality of life in our city, support arts, local businesses and connect people.”

Bollards even have their own Twitter account.

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