Gas prices significantly lower than a year ago in nearly all provinces

Dec 28 2018, 3:40 am

Your bank account may be hurting a bit after this week’s Christmas/Boxing Day mayhem, but one place where you’ll actually be able to save a bit of cash is at the gas pump.

According to, the average price of petrol has gone down in nearly all Canadian provinces when compared to what it was at a year ago.

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The one holdout is BC, where the price of gas is at 130.7 cents/L — six cents higher than what it had been around this time in 2017.

Focus in on Vancouver and you see that things get a little more costly (it is Vancouver after all) with the average at 139.4 cents/L, though it is also less of an increase over a year ago, sitting only 2.5 cents higher than December 2017.

A skip and a hop across the Rocky Mountains find significantly lower prices at the pump, as per usual, and Alberta has also seen an astounding decrease of 16.8 cents when compared to last year (from 111.5 cents/L in 2017 to 94.7 cents/L in 2018).

The savings are even greater in Calgary, dropping a full 19.2 cents/L over the span of a year.

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Ontario (98.9 cents/L) joins Alberta, Manitoba (96.6 cents/L), and Saskatchewan (98.7 cents/L) as the only provinces with sub 100 cent/L prices as of December 2018, marking a decrease in price for Ontario of 16.9 cents over the past year.

Toronto’s average sits just above that threshold at 100.5 cents/L, 20.1 cents lower than it was by the end of 2017.

Prices go up a bit more to the east, with Quebec’s average sitting at 108.7 cents/L, though that is still a decrease of 6.1 cents over last year.

Montreal shows relatively similar prices, with a 110.7 cent/L average and a 4.2 cent decrease.

While the prices are looking decent for the time being, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when those numbers will shoot back up again — meaning that a trip to the gas station with your Christmas cash sometime soon is not the worst idea.

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