From NFTs to nollies: one Vancouver artist's plan to build a new skatepark

Feb 7 2022, 5:24 pm

A Vancouver-based artist who recently made headlines for attempting to swap his Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs for a house has launched a new project powered by the digital art.

Fvckrender, a futuristic tech-digital artist and prominent creator in the international NFT space, recently announced plans for an NFT-funded indoor skatepark.

Named Fvck Park, the idea for the project stems from Fvckrender’s love of skateboarding.

“Iā€™ve always wanted to open my own skatepark, and when NFTs started becoming big, I knew it was the perfect opportunity,” Fvckrender told Daily Hive. “The skatepark will be located in Vancouver, which I think will be great for the local skating community as the city doesnā€™t currently do anything to support or promote them.

“I decided to stop waiting for the city to do something and take it into my own hands. My friends Gabriel Bouchard and Charles Deshamps are also helping me build this, and we are all so excited to see what we can do.”



According to Fvckrender, the targetted opening date of Fvck Park is next winter. The artist shared that he wanted the skatepark to be accessible and help support the creation and maintenance through NFTs.

“I donā€™t really like the idea of charging people to come skate as it kind of defeats the purpose,” said Fvckrender. “We will have a collectible project where owning a piece means certain perks. Things like making decisions on what is added to the park, access to art shows, and future Fvckrender drops. Plus, being a part of history.”

Fvckrender is excited to give back to the skateboard community, especially since the sport helped him through a difficult experience when he was younger.

“Iā€™ve been skating since I was a kid. It was something I started doing to cope with losing my mother at a young age. I actually also used to be sponsored by one of my local skate shops when I was a teenager and have just gotten back into it recently.”

While working on Fvck Park, Fvckrender is also busy creating his own metaverse called LVCIDIA.

“I also want to focus more on drops with traditional auction houses, solo shows and more physical pieces. This year I am trying to take my art to a whole other level.”

Fvckrender added that anyone interested in learning more about Fvck Park could follow the project on Twitter.

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