Fully-funded employment training opportunities for Métis available in BC

Jan 6 2021, 9:20 pm

Obtaining the right skills and training is the first step towards building a fulfilling career. But often, there can be barriers when it comes to accessing the resources needed for your dream job or to grow within your current one.

For one, programs can be costly and time-consuming — especially if you’re already working to pay the bills and keep the pantry stocked. In light of the ongoing pandemic, the current employment landscape might be even more difficult to navigate than usual.

Métis in BC have access to a variety of helpful resources. Métis Nation British Columbia’s (MNBC) Ministry of Employment and Skills Training may help to eliminate some of those barriers by offering employment training and continuing education opportunities to give you the leg up you deserve.

Métis face unique hurdles when it comes to finding the support, funding, and resources made available for Indigenous peoples. Often, they’re subjected to discrimination and barriers of entry for specialized services, which can impact access to employment, education, healthcare and cultural heritage.

MNBC has long been working to eliminate these roadblocks by facilitating access to important resources and pushing for recognition and reconciliation. Its mandate to help improve employment potential, earning capacity, and self-sufficiency for Métis people — both on a personal and community level — is a continuation of this legacy.


Headquartered in Surrey with seven regional offices throughout the province, the self-governing Nation offers a slew of key programs and services for Métis interested in continuing their education or seeking specialized training.

Through various employment training, post-secondary education, and skills programs, Métis people can pursue the studies and coaching needed for their ideal career paths.

Some of MNBC’s fully funded programs include certifications, like those required to become a health care assistant, driver, or project administrator.

The unique programs are specifically designed to meet community needs and emphasize jobs that are in-demand to help ensure employability. This includes services geared to help job-seekers find employment and direct access to job experience. Other services available in the program include financial support for those wishing to return to school.


MNBC’s employment and skills training programs have helped countless people jumpstart their careers — from individuals looking to work in the oil and gas industry to those in banking, engineering, teaching, nursing, emergency response, and much more.

For Alea Smaniotto, the programming helped her find the balance she needed to stay dedicated to her business studies and working part-time. “The funding not only supported me with financial stability, it relieved a lot of my stress allowing me to have a more balanced life and focus on my studies,” she says. Today, Smaniotto is happily employed as a commercial account manager at a major bank.

In the case of Allen David Flett, who now works as a mechanical engineer, it was a matter of going back to school. After years of precariously working in the auto industry, he hoped to build a more stable and fulfilling career.

Despite being nervous to return to his studies, “the support allowed me to focus solely on learning and becoming as technically sound and proficient in my industry as possible,” says Flett.


By providing funding, the programs and resources have enabled many to access the support needed to focus on preparing for their future vocations. Even more importantly, the impact of these resources is widespread, uplifting the economic realities of Métis people — both today and for generations to come.

To learn more about the employment and training opportunities available through Métis Nation BC, or to get started on the application process, you can head to mnbc.ca.

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